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CMMC 2.0 Training

The Cyber AB established a Licensed Training Providers (LTPs) network of Provisional Instructors (PIs) who can deliver training to those seeking CMMC Professional and/or Certified CMMC Assessor certifications.

CISO Global Is a Certified Cyber-AB
Licensed Training Provider

Cyber AB considers only training that LTPs provide as valid for preparing for the Cyber AB certifications. Our instructors are Cyber AB certified PIs. They underwent a rigorous training process that required passing knowledge-based and performance-based examinations. This included completing Provisional Assessor training to gain comprehensive knowledge about the CMMC Framework, validated by passing the certification examination. They also have decades of experience in security training and assessment.

We are currently scheduling these CMMC Training classes:

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CMMC Level 1 Self-Assessment Training

A three-day course designed to give attendees the necessary knowledge to self-assess their organizations at Level 1 of the CMMC model.

Note: Although course materials are provided by an accredited Licensed Partner Publisher (LPP), as required by Cyber AB, this course does not provide a Cyber AB certification option.

Certified CMMC Professional Training

A five-day course designed to prepare aspiring CMMC assessors for Cyber AB’s Certified CMMC Professional examination. This course covers the CMMC model, the assessment guides, and how to interpret the CMMC model. An accredited LLP provides all course materials, as required by Cyber AB. Students must take this course to be eligible to take the CMMC Certified Professional Examination.  

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