A cyber attack nearly closed down a university’s whole environment.

Learn from their situation to ensure you have the right strategy to proactively prevent and stop attacks. Layering the right XDR solution as part of your cultural approach to cybersecurity ensures you have more than the best technology on your side.

Read our case study to learn how static AI, automation, machine learning, AND human expertise could keep this situation from happening to you. 

Find attackers early, even when they know how to navigate around your detection tools. It takes the right solution to identify stealthy attacks, and neither SIEM nor EDR can do this on their own.

Learn how CISO Global helped a major university recover from a massive “known good” attack that could have been completely prevented by the addition of a properly designed XDR solution to their strategy. Your security team will thank you for learning more about what they are up against every day.

Don’t Get Owned Like They Did.

Learn How to Stop Attacks with this Case Study