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Ashley Devoto: Developing the Next Generation of Cyber Leaders with Authenticity & Passion

The Most Influential CISOs of the Year 2023

February 10, 2023

For cybersecurity leader, Ashley Devoto, the path to leadership as President and CISO of Cerberus Sentinel (now rebranding to CISO Global) has been shaped by her continuous determination to move the field of cybersecurity forward. Through her unique military and consulting pedigree, she has gained an uncommon insight into the challenges that organizations face with their cybersecurity programs across people, processes, and technologies.

CIO Views Magazine Cover Ashley Devoto

“I distinctly remember my early years as an Air Force cyberspace operations officer, and how privileged I felt to get to fight on the front lines of the cyber war with colleagues who made every day stimulating and fun – despite the criticality of the mission,” she recalls.

Ashley has been very intentional about capturing that magic from her experience as a cyberspace operations officer and parlaying that into a long-term career; and she looks back with gratitude for her 17+ years of military experience across her active duty and Reserve capacities for that strong foundation.

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