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CISO Process

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CISO Process

What are Secured Managed Services?

Security focused end-to-end network and device management solutions for companies that want to outsource their administration needs to a team of senior engineers who provide modern strategy, insights, and support. This results in improved response times and measurable risk mitigation leading to a reduction in system downtime and quantifiable increase in employee productivity.

CISO Process

Why Choose CISO Global?

With CISO Global your systems, devices, and software are provisioned and managed with cybersecurity, compliance, and culture in mind. Add to that our world-class leadership, tech support, and c-suite representation, and you will be able to handle everything the world can throw your way. We have decades of experience matching the best solutions with your specific business needs which ensure optimal employee productivity and risk mitigation.

SMS Features

CISO Managed Support Image
Managed Support

Unlimited concierge level support for all of your workstations, servers, firewalls, switches, routers, wireless access points, printers, and copiers. This includes real-time inventory of all hardware and software as well as strategic guidance for companies without a CIO, CTO or Director of IT.

Managed Detection and Response (MDR)

CISO Global isn’t like your current IT support company, we’ve built-in many security solutions standard in our Managed Support Agreements. Ransomware protection and SIEM-like visibility combined with MDR-Caliber response, AI, automation, and more.

Vulnerability Patching
Vulnerability Patching

Closing the door for bad actors is paramount to the success of any organization so we include patching for all Windows, macOS and many 3rd party applications like Adobe Acrobat, Chrome, Java, etc.

Laptop Image
Endpoint Encryption

We ensure that all of your company owned machines are fully encrypted and manage the encryption keys in a central place for ease of management should a machine become inaccessible.

Workstation Backup Image
Workstation Backup

For clients storing data solely in OneDrive, we replicate key user profile data and backup the entire tenant. If data is stored elsewhere, we ensure the contents of the local drives are fully backed up.

MFA Image
Password & Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

Most users use the same password for all their applications so if one account is breached, they all are. We provide a full suite of password management and MFA to all of our clients to ensure they are using best practices when creating passwords yet making it easy to access the critical business applications quickly and easily.

Awareness Training Image
End User Security and Awareness (Phishing) Training

CISO Global believes cybersecurity is a culture and that practice makes perfect so we create custom phishing attacks based on our clients IT stack to test their end users regularly to ensure they learn from their mistakes before a real attack happens. Simulated phishing attacks take users to an instructional landing page that teaches them what they did wrong and provides detailed reporting to leadership so they know who needs additional training.

CISO Backup & Disaster Recovery Image
Backup & Disaster Recovery

We provide on-prem, hybrid and cloud-based backup solutions that are customized to fit your specific requirements. We can even backup your clouds.

CISO Spam Filtering Image
Enhanced E-Mail Security

We leverage several tools to enhance the security built into Microsoft 365 including partnerships with Proofpoint & Mimecast.

CISO Cloud Storage Image
Cloud Storage

We provide custom solutions from all of the major platforms like OneDrive, Dropbox, Box and Axcient.

CISO Microsoft 365 Partner Image
Microsoft Gold Partner

We offer all Microsoft 365 licenses and provide management of your tenant. We also handle email migrations as well as getting the most out of your investment by leveraging tools like SharePoint, OneDrive and Teams.

Backup and Disaster Recovery Protection - SentryPRO

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