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Information Security Governance Services for Your Team

CISO Global Will Work with You to Set Organizational Goals Together With You

As part of our Information Security Governance Services, CISO Global experts can chair and coordinate your team’s ongoing, internal Security Committee meetings. In these meetings, we will provide valuable guidance for your stakeholders and task owners to ensure you are making appropriate progress on priority projects associated with your security roadmap.

Our Audit, Risk, and Compliance experts will partner with you and your organizational leadership to set goals and determine key milestones and criteria for progress. We will utilize your periodic security committee meetings as well as regular updates for critical items identified between meetings to measure and support ongoing progress.

Stretch Existing Staff and Resources

Engaging CISO Global experts to help chair and lead ongoing security committee meetings not only allows you to stretch your time without hiring additional staff but also helps establish a cadence for your team so they become accustomed to specific procedures and actions aligned to your security goals. This can substantively improve your organization’s security posture over time.

Why Outsource Committee Leadership?

Finding, hiring, and retaining experienced cybersecurity experts is challenging in today’s competitive job market. Oftentimes, outsourcing some or all of your cybersecurity leadership is a more efficient solution than hiring full-time employees. It prevents burdensome overhead and allows you to access certified and trained experts who might not otherwise fit into your budget.

Your Team Will Gain Experience with Their Tasks Over Time

Your teams and task owners will still be responsible for performing critical internal tasks in the time leading up to each meeting, but CISO Global can support them as needed throughout the process if you request this as part of your engagement. 

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