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Secured Managed Services (SMS)

Security focused end-to-end networks & device management solutions

Any number of people can build a network, but simply having “a network” isn’t the goal. Successful organizations rely on systems that are aligned to their business needs, engineered to be secure from day one, compliant by default, and can scale. These are not add-ons, but ways of thinking and designing, based on specialized knowledge and expertise.

SMS ensures that your technology is part of your broader culture, including the people and processes that govern it. We work with you to design a strategy that ensures everything – and everyone – is working together securely to support your success. 

  • Service Desk – Remote (includes AD and email admin)
  • Service Desk – On-Site Dispatch (as needed)
  • Managed Detection and Response (MDR) 24/7/365 SOC
  • Windows, MacOS and Limited Third-Party Application Patching
  • Enhanced Email Security
  • Endpoint Encryption
  • Workstation Backup (DFP)
  • Cloud Backup (Backupify)
  • Password / MFA Manager
  • End User Phishing Training
  • Server Management – Virtual
  • Server Management – Physical
  • SAN Management
  • Wireless Controller / AP Management
  • Managed Switch Management
  • Managed Router Management
  • Firewall Management

Security By Design 

First, we’ll work with you to understand your objectives – what it will take to operate smoothly and your growth path for the coming years. Next, our engineers work with you to design networks that are secure by default, resilient, and scalable. Finally, we help you layer in security solutions that work together to proactively prevent attack, reactively stop attempted attacks, and help you recover from whatever natural (or human) disaster could potentially come your way. That’s resilience!

Training & Following a Roadmap

Many “secure” providers stop with technology layers, but CISO supports your people and processes, as well. We provide ongoing cybersecurity awareness training, and work with you to develop a cybersecurity roadmap that ensures growth in developing policies and best practices to protect you as you operate your business – like access management, device management, and the ways in which teams use their technology.

Compliance Needs

Many of our clients operate in regulated industries, such as healthcare, finance, energy, or retail. We not only take their compliance needs into consideration when designing networks, but help them build, centralize, and update their audit documentation to make their lives easier during audit season. Learn more about how we support our clients’ compliance needs.

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Our experts maintain the most respected credentials in the industry across cybersecurity, risk and compliance, forensics, incident response, ethical hacking, security engineering, and more.