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Energy & Utility Solutions

CISO Global specializes in securing and meeting the complex compliance requirements for Energy and Utility Industrial Control Systems and distribution supply chains within the electric, oil and gas, and water facility industries.

The Energy and Utility industries are part of critical infrastructure that helps countries run more efficiently, allowing goods, products, and services to be delivered on time and as needed. They make our lives easier and safer. Any cyber threat or malicious action that threatens core infrastructure can negatively impact everyday life for millions of people.

Our cybersecurity experts can help energy and utility industries maintain continuity of service in the face of cyberattacks, recognize and mitigate weaknesses and vulnerabilities, and create a plan of action for achieving the best possible security posture. 


Ransomware Prevention

Get help meeting compliance requirements from the experts.

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Oil & Gas

NERC-CIP Compliance

CISO’s cutting-edge security solutions help clients meet NERC-CIP requirements and stay compliant.

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Water Facilities

Cybersecurity for Water Facilities

CISO specializes in securing complex environments and core infrastructure that include SCADA or Industrial Control Systems.

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