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TalaTek Intelligent Governance & Risk Integrated Solution (TiGRIS)


A Fresh Approach to GRC

Many organizations struggle with Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC), viewing it solely as a technology hurdle. While technology is important, true success requires a strong foundation of governance. This foundation includes clear processes, goals, and metrics aligned with your business goals. Only then can the right technology automate your GRC practices.

TiGRIS simplifies GRC by combining proven processes with expert guidance and FedRAMP-authorized technology. Our secure application can be customized to any security framework. Our unique approach integrates People, Process, and Technology to manage risk lifecycles, monitor continuously, and streamline compliance assessments.

This holistic approach ensures effective, business-aligned risk and compliance management. Plus, TiGRIS is FedRAMP authorized, so it was built from the ground up to meet the most robust security requirements and standards.

TiGRIS is designed to offer a secure and flexible platform that adapts to any security framework, organization, or authorization process.

Built for the Modern Landscape: As organizations rapidly move to the cloud, managing both legacy and cloud-based systems becomes crucial. TiGRIS addresses this challenge seamlessly, applying our risk quantification methodology across all environments.

Standardization and Visibility: We streamline cloud service offering authorizations with a standardized approach. Track the status of all controls across all systems – legacy and cloud – for a complete and up-to-date picture of your security posture.

Streamlined Efficiency:

  • Automated Lifecycle: Automates the entire process, from defining scope to assessments, ongoing monitoring, issue resolution, and reporting.
  • Data Integrity: Maintain complete data integrity with a single system of record for all your security assessments.
  • Reduced Workload: Eliminate manual processes, consolidate documentation, and simplify evidence preservation – saving you valuable time and resources.
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TiGRIS delivers a unified view of risk for enterprise visibility and control.


Our seasoned GRC experts become your trusted advisors and help establish a centralized governance risk and compliance program that meets your business goals.


TiGRIS provides a proven methodology, refined from years of hands-on experience, that aligns your organization to a single risk taxonomy and ensures GRC efforts support organizational goals.


Our FedRAMP-authorized SaaS technology implements security by design, employing secure cloud architecture principles to automate GRC activities and measure risk holistically across your organization’s technical, operational, and management controls.

TIGRIS Dashboard Screenshot

The TiGRIS dashboard delivers centralized risk analytics that enable better informed decisions.

TiGRIS Technology in Action

Security and Privacy

Protect your data with the only SaaS GRC solution available that meets FedRAMP’s high data privacy and security standards.

Actionable Risk Analytics

Gain insight into your risk posture and make informed decisions with reports and dashboards that deliver the power to view risk at the control, department or enterprise level or anywhere in between.

Centralized Evidence Library

Establish a single repository for all your GRC artifacts and documents.

Role-Based Access

Ensure the security and productivity of your users by controlling access based on their assigned role.

Continuous Monitoring

Make sure you stay compliant and within your organization’s risk tolerance by tracking the status of each control over time.

Built-in Intelligence

Jump start your GRC program with predefined control libraries that deliver the intelligence needed to stand up controls fast.

Customizable Risk Scoring

Build risk scoring and metrics tailored to your unique tolerance and appetite with customizable values for risk attributes and inherent and residual risks.

Efficiency Through Automation

Create highly configurable and scalable questionnaires, workflows and alerts enable automation customized to your business, increasing efficiency and reducing errors.

Supported Controls


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TiGRIS is a TalaTek-owned solution. TalaTek is a wholly owned subsidiary of CISO Global and delivers governance, risk and compliance solutions with a focus on people, processes and technology. By defining governance through risk and compliance goals that are tied to business outcomes, the cybersecurity firm provides a secure foundation to strategically protect an organization’s data and meet ever-expanding regulatory compliance and audit requirements. Through TiGRIS, a  FedRAMP-authorized software as a service, TalaTek simplifies GRC for business and government.

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