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The Case for Cyber Due Diligence During 
Mergers & Acquisitions

During the Merger and Acquisition (M&A) process, the assessment of the target organization’s cybersecurity is paramount. M&A teams must perform cybersecurity assessments to minimize exposure to cyber risks and maximize cyber resilience.  

Identify Cyber Concerns During M&A

Assessing risks across the financial, business, and operational domains is well-established and accepted as protocol; however, the cybersecurity domain is often seen as a secondary concern, which is an affront to due diligence. Cybersecurity assessment is critical and needs to be prioritized during the M&A due diligence process.

At an early stage, M&A teams need to assess the target organization’s cyber culture to identify any issues or concerns as well as to uncover any hidden liabilities that may affect the M&A valuation. Further, such assessments mitigate any possibility of surprises that may jeopardize the deal or the public announcement. Most important, an early and successful cybersecurity assessment will assist in an efficient and effective corporate integration with any needed upgrades accounted for.

Due Diligence & Remediation Processes

CISO Global brings both the experience
and expertise to support the M&A lifecycle.

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Due Diligence

Review historical penetration test reports: High-level identification of red flags

Review historical risk assessment reports: High level identification of cyber assets and liabilities

Dark Web Scan: Identification of any exfiltrated data, compromised credentials, and other sensitive corporate information currently in the hands of cyber attackers

Synergy and Value Qualification

In-depth Penetration Test with detailed report: Full-access security testing on all areas of the target environment to uncover key vulnerabilities that attackers can exploit

In-depth Risk Assessment with detailed report: Assessment of target’s cybersecurity controls to identify gaps and prioritize remediation plan

Itemized Cost Analysis: Provide estimated remediation costs for integration planning and/or negotiations

Remediation of
Security Gaps

Example Activities Include:

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