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Expert-led Tabletop Exercises

The Results are Real – Even if the Crisis Isn’t

Ensure your emergency plans will work when you need them most. Be proactive before you have an emergency.

When you have to put your emergency plans into action, the last thing you need is to realize that some part of your plan has become outdated and no longer works – or that you didn’t make enough contingency plans. Perhaps you updated an old technology and failed to make that change in your plan, or maybe you simply didn’t have a plan B for what to do when attackers delete your “secure” backups. Details as small as staff turnover, new passwords, and more, can be enough to cause failure in even the best laid plans.

You also need assurance that your team members will successfully perform their functions before you’re facing a real-life emergency. Do they have a solid media plan? What about inside/outside counsel? There is a lot to think about, and each asset in the plan must be absolutely reliable, with backup and contingency plans to accommodate the unknown, for the whole thing to work.

Our Risk Advisory Experts Will:

  • Engage your team in an in-person cyber incident simulation
  • Walk through your existing incident response plan with relevant stakeholders, step-by-step
  • Identify any gaps or points of friction that would cause delay or failure
  • Introduce realistic scenarios that we see derail even great plans every day
  • Help you remediate gaps and update your plan, so you know it will work when you need it most
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Benefits of Tabletop Testing with CISO Global:

  • Identify gaps in your plan that may have developed over time
  • Get expert input on emergency processes and procedures
  • Work with a team that has the insight that can only come from the experience of remediating real world emergencies across numerous industries
  • Gain confidence in knowing your organization will have a well-defined plan that is up-to-date with your company’s latest business, technology, and staffing changes

Prepare to React with an IR Retainer

Being prepared is essential when you’re facing an attack. Do you have experts ready to deploy in a moment’s notice if your systems go down tomorrow? Every second counts in an emergency. Will you have to contact a consultant, take discovery calls, explain your environment, sign paperwork, and go through onboarding processes before they can start?
IR Retainers allow you to get all the business and onboarding steps out of the way before an attack is at your doorstep.

Benefits of an Incident Response Retainer

  • Avoid delays that can slow down response teams in an emergency.
  • Leverage a team with forensics and remediation experience well beyond government or enterprise levels.
  • Ensure responders are familiar with your environment ahead of time, so they can react quickly.
  • Lock in pricing ahead of time for predictability and business planning.
  • Make sure you have the right team on your side when it matters most.
An important part of risk management is ensuring you have a balance of proactive and reactive plans.

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