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Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)

Expert Security Monitoring

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)

Around the clock, continuously staffed, day and night, by expert, certified analysts, the US-based CISO Global SOC delivers the monitoring and response services you need in today’s security landscape.

Managed SIEM is often recommended for organizations who have compliance requirements to conduct log retention and management for their environment. If deployed correctly, this can be a tremendous around-the-clock solution to secure a comprehensive, detailed picture of security events, swiftly identify threats and develop a risk-prioritized approach.The Risk Reality

Effective Security Monitoring

Your business is in danger. All day, every day, wherever you are and whatever your sector. In today’s highly connected world, your networks are continually tested by diverse attacks – extortionware, phishing attacks and ransomware are just a few examples. It’s essential to be continually alert and well informed to protect your organization against such threats.

How quickly can you detect to security incidents and respond to them? Time to Detect (TTD) and Time to Respond (TTR) are fundamental to corporate IT security, and while point solutions addressing individual threats can help, they can’t give you a comprehensive view of your security stance, and can slow your response.

As regulatory and internal compliance pressures in areas such as data security, privacy and financial management increase, you’ll find it hard to deliver, and be seen to deliver, genuinely effective security.

Backed by CISO Global’s own, SOC 2 Type II audited, US-based Security Operations Center (SOC) SIEM delivers enterprise-grade SIEM. Bringing together our highly trained, certified analysts, our unique SOC toolset stack, including sandboxing and forensic tools, and public, private and proprietary threat feeds, SIEM makes optimal use of essential security information from your networked assets to deliver market-leading visibility, and threat detection and remediation capabilities.

The unique benefits of SIEM are made possible by CISO Global close partnership with you, and our custom onboarding process, ensuring our security analysts have a deep, comprehensive understanding of your environment and needs. Along with their advanced threat landscape knowledge this allows them to make the right decisions quickly as to when you need to hear from us. And you’ll always deal with an analysts who, knowing your environment, can support you through response and recovery, whatever the situation.

  • Asset discovery
  • Incident and event investigation
  • Intrusion detection
  • SOCaaS-enabled custom playbooks 
  • Behavioral monitoring
  • Security event data correlation and analysis

Effective Protection for Today’s Connected World

Solution Capabilities

Put the CISO Global SOC to work, and get comprehensive, deep and broad visibility of your IT assets across your business. Monitor, correlate, analyze and act on security event information in real time.

SIEM from CISO Global isn’t just another off-the-shelf security solution. This is a SIEM service fully tailored to your specific environment and needs. We can deploy into a green field environment, or integrate with existing SIEM technologies, gathering and correlating millions of events and generating actionable alerts, management reports and easily understood, highly visual dashboard displays. Additionally, SIEM will spot internal and external threats, and weaknesses in your organization’s security stance.

SIEM Highlights

Work with CISO Global’s security advisors to find your security gaps, create an improvement plan and build an integrated threat management strategy.

Your organization’s monitoring, incident handling, alerting and reporting needs are unique. CISO Global’s security experts will create a tailored SIEM solution to meet your specific requirements.

Prioritize your security actions, cutting risks and optimizing resource utilization, with notifications and alerts from CISO Global’s expert, certified SOC analysts. They will undertake around-the clock monitoring, validating and triaging security events and performing ongoing SIEM maintenance, so you don’t have to.

Continuous tuning and optimization ensure your SIEM solution grows with your business. Just add new use cases as requirements arise for ongoing alignment and support for your business needs.

SIEM Benefits

SIEM is a fully-managed SIEM service with global coverage and around-the-clock monitoring, notification and alerting.

Our security experts work with you to understand your objectives and needs and build use cases and a tailored SIEM solution specifically for your organization.

Managing your implementation from start to finish, CISO Global’s security specialists define use cases and test and adjust your SIEM as it moves into ongoing steady-state operation. Security event notification and escalation processes are created in close collaboration with your team.

Standard correlation rules address common security monitoring requirements, while bespoke rules address your organization’s particular needs.

We Manage and Co-Manage

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