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Healthcare Cybersecurity Services

Healthcare Cybersecurity Services

Healthcare organizations are facing more risk than ever.

CISO Global has worked closely with organizations in the Healthcare and Health Tech Industry for over 14 years.

Our clients include hospitals, health systems, medical practices, technology providers, internet of medical things (IoTM) manufacturers, SaaS based applications, and traditional healthcare software companies.

CISO Global walks clients through a systematic program designed to help them deploy and manage secure technology solutions while ensuring regulatory and contractual compliance. In fact, our Security and Compliance Visibility solution was built to support and automate this process to facilitate simplification of complex compliance requirements, such as HIPAA and PCI. Your security and compliance programs and the tool go hand-in-hand.

According to Health IT Security, vendors were behind 26 breaches in 2019. Breaches drop stock valuations, increase the risk to investors, all of which could spell the end for even the largest of tech startups. Especially in the age of widespread rapid deployments, it has never been more important to protect what is most important–the patients and people who depend on your business. In that reality, time to market is critical. IT and Compliance solutions for Health Tech seem to be seamlessly integrated into their environment through their vendors’ solutions and products, otherwise, they become roadblocks to their success.

CISO Global’s integrated, end-to-end services can support Health Tech startups from the moment you’re ready for your own network, through the growth stages where you need compliance support and security program development, finally helping you scale and protect what you’ve built. Our teams’ vast expertise, specialized knowledge, and available resources can support your Health Tech company’s needs from beginning to end with a single, trusted partner. Regardless of your stage, our integrated Cybersecurity, IT, and Compliance solutions for Healthcare Technology enable you to achieve your technology goals while managing your IT risk

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A health tech company’s partnership with CISO Global helped them grow their business through cybersecurity and compliance.

Healthcare Cybersecurity Needs:

Healthcare environments can be highly complex and nuanced, spanning technology and network access in emergency rooms, to slower-paced business offices. Working with a provider who understands how to protect you from attack without interrupting or slowing patient care is essential.
CISO Global’s vast experience in the healthcare industry has given us the specialized knowledge to support you where and when you need it most.

HIPAA Gap Assessments

As health care providers increasingly require evidence of mature compliance programs, compliance with the HIPAA Rule is central to securing electronically protected health information. The reality, though, is that HIPAA is nonspecific and complex. CISO Global shortens that timeline to providing compliance for Health Tech through Consulting Solutions informed by rich healthcare experience and integrated with the various IT, Cybersecurity, and Compliance solutions needed to maintain compliance. Our security-first approach to HIPAA Assessments provides the insight you need to achieve the greatest security program gains while also achieving HIPAA compliance.

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Healthcare Technology

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Audit & Risk Assessments

HIPAA Compliance

Shorten the timeline to HIPAA compliance with our security-first approach.

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As IT professionals we are always monitoring for the next threat and how to defend against it. MDR is the best way to defend your infrastructure. Our switch from antivirus to MDR was quick and easy due to the experts at CISO Global.

—Joshua Haney, IT Manager
Diagnostic Centers of America

Ease your compliance burden by working with a team who will not only centralize audit-support documentation and enable real-time governance visibility, but remediate gaps ahead of an audit. Additionally, our team can work with the OCR on your behalf. Often, OCR auditors simply want to hear from an objective, knowledgeable 3rd party about all the steps you have taken to achieve HIPAA compliance and data security, helping you avoid costly miscommunications.

Work with experts who understand why ERMs are typically segmented onto their own network, who can design secure solutions to fit each use case, and who understand that in emergencies, your doctors and nurses can’t be tasked with long login processes that threaten medical response times. CISO Global solves problems like these day-in and day-out with our healthcare clients, prioritizing security without interrupting operations.

Prevent disruptions to patient care due to cyber attacks, weather events, or other crises with around-the-clock monitoring and threat hunting for your endpoints and network. Disaster recovery, remediation, and rollback capabilities mean your assets stay secure, reliable, and available when you need them.

Validate what is working well and identify areas for improved operational network efficiency to ensure your complex environment is both reliable and fast when you need it most.

Validate what is working well and identify areas for improved operational network efficiency to ensure your complex environment is both reliable and fast when you need it most.

Leverage cloud solutions to enable flexibility and secure system configuration control on remote endpoints, no matter where your employees are.

Cybersecurity budgets in healthcare are often disproportionately funded in relation to the existing vulnerabilities and active threats. You need to put your resources where they count most, such as keeping specialists for custom systems in-house. While you may not have the funding to build and staff your own Security Operations Center or hire cloud specialists, you can rely on CISO Global for security engineering, outsourced critical asset management, managed security solutions, testing and validation, or specialized cybersecurity support.

Healthcare organizations are often faced with the same vulnerabilities cycle after cycle due to teams who are stretched too thin, or the overwhelming complexity of a particular system update/patch– such as firewall updates. When you let CISO Global automate the vulnerability lifecycle, remediation will be prioritized by criticality, you’ll gain back team efficiency and time, and gain access to expert support to keep patches up-to-date and help protect you against attacks.

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