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Did you know that most backup and disaster recovery solutions are not configured properly at deployment to take advantage of options that may already be available?

Backup and intelligent disaster recovery play crucial roles in allowing your business to succeed in the face of inevitable interruptions.

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You can’t risk anything less in today’s threat landscape.

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With DPaaS, you can make sure your environment is prepared for a potential interruption.

Focus on recovery, not just your backups. Studies show 20 percent of recovery attempts fail. Don’t allow yourself to fall into this category. CISO Global tests the restoral of every client’s backup every month.

Segregate your data. Not all data have the same value. Isolating your static data can save you time and money. Prioritizing your business-critical data can help you get back on your feet faster. CISO Global specializes in guiding you through the analysis of how to create the different tiers that reduce both your cost and your recovery times.

Determine what you are willing to risk. This has two dimensions: How much potential data loss can your business tolerate, and how much potential downtime can your business actually handle? These two considerations, Recovery Point Objective (RPO) and Recovery Time Objective (RTO) should be central to DR planning. Knowing the answers will guide you toward the optimal recovery strategy.

Take it far away. Don’t trick yourself into believing an onsite repository for your backup is good enough. You need a solution that automatically moves your critical data hundreds, if not thousands, of miles away. DPaaS moves client data to two separate remote and secure facilities.

Utilize improved disaster recovery technologies. Innovations in backup have made a significant impact on the likelihood that any given recovery job will go off without a hitch. The deduplication engine that drives DPaaS can reduce the size of your data store by upwards of 90%.

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DPaaS backup and recovery can be the difference between a smooth recovery and catastrophic loss.

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