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Managed Compliance & Cybersecurity

Managed Compliance and Cybersecurity Program Development

Meeting annual compliance can be overwhelming with policy updates, assessments, quarterly patching, pen tests, documentation, technology management, and more.

Workforce and cybersecurity skills gaps leave most compliance leaders struggling to find and retain enough highly trained team members. The result is high-stress workloads, missed deadlines, last minute sprints, and more.

With our team supporting yours, you can avoid the overwhelming feeling that comes with audit season.

CISO Global’s Managed Compliance and Security offering gives you the support you need to speed up stalled projects and accomplish what is at risk of slipping through the cracks well ahead of time. We work alongside your team on a monthly basis, tailoring and prioritizing according to where you are in your particular compliance roadmap.

CISO maintains a deep bench of compliance and cybersecurity experts who specialize in a breadth of frameworks, including the NIST Privacy Framework, SOC 2, HIPAA, CMMC, PCI, FISMA, NERC-CIP, GDPR, TPN, and more. With decades of experience, our team has the right people to meet nearly any compliance or cybersecurity need you may be facing.

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Everything You Need To Support Your Security Initiatives.

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Know exactly where your security program stands, how well each of your tools perform, and what needs to happen next with our proprietary SaaS-based platform. Argo enables you to see all security data across your digital environment in one place. Pulling the most important information, Argo gives you the kind of insight you need to make better decisions, faster. Drill down capabilities support your teams and tool owners, allowing them to see attack attempts, usage data, remediation progress, and prioritized risks. Security testing reports, as well as integrations with GRC management platforms, allow you to understand progress and posture across security and compliance efforts with the click of a button. Move beyond portal overload and tool-specific views into more informed decision making with Argo.

Cybersecurity Managed Compliance Services Delivered by CISO Cybersecurity and Compliance Experts

Excel spreadsheets will get the job done, but they can be very inefficient, requiring your team to sift through previous versions every time something needs to be updated, and they won’t tell you how far along you are in your compliance progress. If you want to streamline documentation and have real time visibility into your progress, our team can save you countless hours of research by identifying, deploying, and building out the right GRC tool to meet your organization’s needs and maturity level. A GRC Tool is included with your engagement.

The most frustrating part of having a GRC tool can be the time and expertise it takes to build it out with customization, configurations, and your organization’s data. Unfortunately, documentation doesn’t build and upload itself, and your GRC tool will only be only as useful as it is built out and up-to-date. Our team can manage your GRC tool for you, updating policies, records, validations, project details, etc., taking time consuming admin tasks off your team’s plate, so you can have ongoing, real time visibility into your compliance and security progress. When it’s audit time, you can skip the panic and simply provide your auditors with access to all the documentation they need with GRC Tool Management.

Protecting your most important data and system assets well means knowing what you have. While that sounds simple, it can be a monumental task to find out what changed in your networks over the past year (or longer). You need to understand 1) what datasets and systems you have added or lost 2) everywhere they live, and 3) what is most sensitive and needs additional protections. When your organization was small, this might not have been a big lift. With growth comes complexity, shadow IT, deletions, additions, and often sprawling environments. Our team will work with your stakeholders to create an updated, complete data inventory and data flow diagram. Data and System Classification will help ensure that your security and compliance controls align accurately to your current environment.

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If cybersecurity awareness platforms aren’t yielding the results you want, or if you need training aligned specifically to your organizational goals, Custom Awareness Training can be very useful. Your internal security and education teams may need the support of an outside expert who can come in as an objective industry voice. Our experts are highly experienced an equipped to speak to nearly any compliance or security training need you may have as part of your ongoing engagement with CISO Global.

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Having incident response or business continuity plans in-place doesn’t always ensure that everyone on your team knows exactly what to do. Further, plans can have gaps, like a missing step, outdated access information, steps for handling media inquiries, or how to communicate with key stakeholders if systems are down. Unless you conduct regular tabletop exercises, where all your stakeholders walk through plans in various simulated emergency scenarios, it is nearly impossible to uncover and fix those gaps. CISO Global conducts thorough, live Annual Tabletop Exercises, working through various scenarios with your teams to identify what is missing in your plan(s), what’s outdated, and what to keep in your plans from year to year.

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Until your audit actually happens, you have no way of knowing how well you will perform. Yet, not meeting compliance in an audit would be unthinkable. If you don’t want to risk the frustration and embarrassment of not passing an audit, CISO Global can conduct a Mock Audit to provide you with an accurate measurement of whether or not you are truly ready. As part of our engagement with you, we can also help you adjust priorities and projects to ensure you are fully prepared for your next audit when the time comes. Lose the stress – let us help you get there.

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You may know exactly what needs to happen internally, but don’t have time to manage those projects to see them through to successful completion. You just need them to be done, and done well. Our CISO Global experts can coordinate with your teams to help keep them on-track, supporting them along the way with resources and knowledge for better, more timely execution with Security Project Management. If your team is running thin and needs help executing, our teams are available to talk with you about that, as well.

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One of the key compliance obligations you are likely facing is an annual risk assessment. If your team, like most, is extremely busy, scheduling your assessment can be a real challenge. If you wait too long, you may not be able to book with the best providers, leaving you with a subpar engagement or final report­ – or even causing you to miss deadlines, altogether. As part of your Managed GRC engagement, we can include your Annual Risk Assessment, so you know you are on the books and timed to be assessed when your priority projects are complete.

If you are like most, you don’t have a lot of time to manage your vendors. However, when it comes to vendors, lack of proper management can mean finding out about technology updates or replacements at the last minute, misaligned projects, and more. With Vendor Management as part of your Managed GRC engagement, we’ll help make sure your vendors give you early notice of future needs, deprecations, etc. in time to allow for internal budget and resource planning. We’ll also help make sure your vendors are aligning themselves to your business growth and development needs.

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Downtime is not an option for most organizations. So, when it comes to business continuity and disaster recovery plans, you can’t afford to either not have one or use a canned plan. You also don’t want to risk having a plan that leaves out a key step or detail, because when you need it, your BCDR should be foolproof and solid enough to carry you through whatever comes your way. CISO Global can build or update your Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Plan as part of your ongoing GRC engagement, so you know you’ll be ready if and when the time comes.

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When it comes to policies and procedures, “canned” (prewritten, generic) documentation will not help your organization move the maturity needle towards greater resilience. Finding the time to take on this daunting task can be very difficult in-between projects that demand your time, however. CISO Global maintains policy experts who will not only create new documentation that is aligned to your environment and business needs, but customize policies for maximum effectiveness. Take this task off your plate and focus on your most important tasks with an Information Security Policy & Procedure engagement.

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Security controls have a way of changing over time, due to the nature of change in people, processes, and technologies. When you make changes, it’s important to validate that 1) your new controls are effective and compliant, and 2) your compliance documentation is up-to-date. Periodic IT Control Validation Audits help you ensure that you can demonstrate to clients, partners, and oversight committees that you are both secure and compliant.

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If you have an impending external audit, support can be vital to ensuring success. We maintain experts who can help you prepare for your next audit or certification, and when conducted by a separate team, even perform the audits or certifications. Learn more about how our Audit, Risk, and Compliance team can help with External Audit-Certification Support.

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Increasingly, clients and partners who operate in regulated industries require would be business partners to validate their security posture before doing business together. These questionnaires can be lengthy and burdensome, and with full workloads already weighing your team down, business opportunities can be lost due to a lack of internal time to complete them – or due to insufficient answers. CISO Global cybersecurity and compliance experts can complete these questionnaires on your behalf, working with your team to gather the information and documentation necessary to ensure you support your prospective business partners’ due diligence processes.

Defined as the system by which your organization directs and controls IT Security, your Information Security Governance program needs to be revised and updated regularly to reflect changes in your people, processes, and technology. Organizations change inherently over time, and if your policies, procedures, and systems to do not reflect this change, you can experience gaps that may lead to either a successful cyber attack or noncompliance. Our experts will work as an extension of your team to ensure your Information Security Governance systems follow best practices and are thoroughly up-to-date. Since we provide you with a central audit repository and management tool, your governance documentation will be audit ready when the time comes, preventing last minute scrambles to assemble and update information.

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With the current global skills and workforce gap, talented CISOs can be very difficult to hire and retain. Many organizations find, however, that they don’t need someone full-time, but an expert (or team of experts) to direct their existing cybersecurity team. Providing ongoing strategy, prioritization, and project oversight, our team members can become an extension of your team, lending industry expertise and decades of experience to ensure your teams are working on the right projects, in the right order, to turn the dial faster and more effectively on your security program. For anyone needing security program development and compliance leadership, our vCISO program is among the most worthy investments you can make. The ROI comes back in time saved, compliance deadlines that are met on time, and the ability to leverage your more junior resources without having to hire full-time security leadership. We can dedicate as many or as few hours as you need each month.

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Compliance standards can be overwhelming, especially if you must meet requirements across multiple frameworks, such as HIPAA, PCI, CMMC, and so on. The CISO Global approach to mapping and meeting compliance standards includes identifying the most efficient ways to meet all standards with singular projects or activities. We map your requirements into a single dashboard to show you exactly where you are across each framework, updating documentation with each completed project. Let us help simplify the compliance process, so you can sleep and enjoy your weekends again during audit season.

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