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Cybersecurity for State and Local Government

Custom security programs for government agencies.

Protecting & Empowering Government Agencies

CISO Global provides Information Security and IT services for State, Local and Tribal Government clients to assist meeting unique security objectives.

Information Security Risk Assessment

Security Program Development


Network Security Monitoring

Cloud Adoption +

State, Local, Tribal, &
Territorial Government

CISO Global understands that preventing cyber attacks is a critical concern for government organizations. We have the expertise to consult with departments at all levels to help build and refine cybersecurity controls in order to protect critical networks and information from attack.

We have extensive experience building and testing cybersecurity programs within the particular complexities and constraints of government organizations. We also understand that effective security programs must be tailored to resources, people, and power structures of the organization and not just the technology. All of this makes us uniquely experienced to assist your organization.

Ransomware Prevention

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Prevention solutions to protect uptime, availability, payment systems, and citizen’s data.

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Our experts maintain the most respected credentials in the industry across cybersecurity, risk and compliance, forensics, incident response, ethical hacking, security engineering, and more.