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Today’s advanced persistent threats are no longer only reserved for governments and large organizations. Devastating attacks such as ransomware, crypto lockers, and large-scale data breaches affect any sized organization, large or small. To combat these threats, CISO Global’s Red Team moves beyond traditional penetration testing methods, employing real-world attack simulations to ensure your security defenses are put to the test.

Benefits of Using CISO Global for Your Next Penetration Test

Using a risk-based approach, CISO Global’s penetration testing services provide an organization with a broad look at its most critical vulnerabilities and attack vectors. CISO Global’s expert team of penetration testers review multiple vulnerability data sources and evaluate each issue in terms of real-world usage in successful attacks from malicious threat actors. This approach extends beyond traditional vulnerability scoring methodologies such as CVSS and criticality scores to provide a more actionable plan to addresses real risks. Factors included in this analysis include age of vulnerability, known or suspected exploit code availability, attacker tactics and techniques, and real-world difficulty of exploitation. This process allows an organization to focus on its’s most critical targeted vulnerabilities. Correcting the identified issues will ensure many of the known attacker tactics are patched before the organization experiences an attack. 

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Find vulnerabilities in your systems before attackers do with Penetration Testing.

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Penetration Testing

Penetration testing is an all-encompassing security evaluation, which measures how well an organization’s security controls stand up to malicious threats both internal and external to your environment.  

CISO Global’s Red Team, a group of experienced ethical hackers, will simulate a real attack, with the goal of helping your organization proactively uncover and address weaknesses before they are compromised by attackers.

Traditional Pen Test vs. Red Team Engagement

One significant difference between a traditional penetration test and a red team engagement is scope. Penetration testing is typically limited to a defined set of endpoints or applications – focused on testing your defenses against exploitation. In contrast, an attack simulation has no defined scope. The Red Team can use any and all means of attack to fully emulate real world threats. This process provides the most realistic security test for your organization’s security defenses and Blue Teams. By fully mimicking real world attacks, in a safe and controlled manner, your defenses are put to the test, giving you confidence in their ability to detect and respond to today’s threats.

Red Team Engagements

Using current frameworks and standards such as MITRE ATT&CK, CISO Global emulates the tactics and techniques of real-world attackers as they compromise endpoints, escalate privileges, and move laterally within your environment. By simulating the entire attack process, you can gain confidence that your security defenses can not only stop attacks but detect, contain, and eliminate today’s advanced threats.

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Purple Team Engagements

Purple Team engagements are a great way to gain the benefits of an attack simulation while keeping your security team fully engaged. CISO Global’s Red Team works in close coordination with your Blue Team and security defenders to design and execute attacks most impactful to your organization. Purple team simulations combine the attack expertise of CISO Global’s Red Team with your team’s deep insider knowledge of your environment. This pairing provides the best of both worlds, allowing the engagements to progress quicker while ensuring all aspects of your security program are fully tested.

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