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CISO Global Solutions

CISO Global provides the complete package of cybersecurity and compliance services. With our Security Managed Services your compliance and cybersecurity challenges can be solved rapidly and your objectives can be accomplished efficiently. Our in-house team of subject matter and industry experts deliver our holistic process collaboratively with your team.

Learn more about CISO Global Strategy & RiskCyber Defense Operations, Security Architecture & Engineering, and Readiness & Resiliency solutions.

Strategy & Risk

Risk Assessment

Validate Your Security Posture

Gain insight into your IT environment and establish a fully prioritized plan to address any deficiencies.

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Audit & Compliance Services


Compliance doesn’t equal security, but security can equal compliance.

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Managed Compliance and Cybersecurity

Program Development

Cybersecurity Managed Compliance Services delivered by CISO Cybersecurity and Compliance Experts

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Cyber Defense Operations


Extended Detection and Response

SIEM-like visibility combined with MDR-Caliber response, AI, automation, and more.

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Managed Detection and Response

Stops attacks in your endpoints, before they can ever reach the network to wreak havoc.

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Security Information and Event Management

Available 24/7, CISO Global SOC delivers the monitoring and response services you need in today’s security landscape.

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SOC as a Service

Security Operations Center as a Service

Your tools, our SOC. Custom playbooks and 24x7x365 analyst coverage.

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Digital Forensics, Response, and Recovery

Digital Forensics, Incident Response, and Recovery

When you’ve experienced a cybersecurity incident, every second counts.

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Security Architecture & Engineering

Advanced Firewall Management

Protection Over Time

Ensures your firewalls give you the same effective protection they did on day one.

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Verify Issues

Eliminate flaws and defects, end the cycle of outdated patches, and move the security needle faster.

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Readiness & Resiliency

Penetration Testing

Test for vulnerabilities and make a plan for remediation

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Tabletop Exercises

War game exercises identify critical gaps and weaknesses

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Training Programs

Hands-on training leveraging industry-relevant tools and proven instructional techniques.

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