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MSSP Alert Names CISO Global to 2023 Top 250 Managed Security Services Providers List

Our Mission

We are on a mission to demystify and accelerate our clients’ journey to cyber resilience, empowering organizations to securely grow, operate, and innovate.

At CISO Global, we partner with our clients wherever they may be on their cybersecurity journey, helping them to resolve any current roadblocks and adequately anticipate future issues to achieve cyber resilience and create a culture of cybersecurity across the organization.

Our Vision

Our vision is to boldly drive cybersecurity forward, relentless in the pursuit of excellence for our clients and our talent.

Solving the effectiveness problem in cybersecurity means pushing past the industry status quo to set the pace on better ways to advance security program management.

cybersecurity analysts in the CISO Global SOC

Cybersecurity Is a Culture Not a Product™.

Our Solution

Integrating compliance & security across people and technologies creates a culture of cybersecurity.

Closing gaps in your current strategy through project, advisory, testing, and managed solutions, our team can help you solve even the most complex cybersecurity challenges. In the process, we will help you align efforts for greater efficiency, increasing ROI on your security investments. 

Our dedicated team of subject matter experts work together across disciplines to understand your environment holistically and help you better travel the journey to cyber resilience. Each element of our CISO Global solution interconnects with one another to address the whole of your security landscape, including policy, training, and practices. This results in creating a culture of cybersecurity across the organization. 

With the CISO Global solution, you’ll strengthen your security landscape more efficiently, meet compliance requirements, and benefit from your team’s increased awareness about the integral role they have in creating a culture of cybersecurity

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