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What Is Remediation?

After a penetration test or vulnerability assessment, many organizations are left holding the bag on the list of projects that need to be completed to harden their environment due to a lack of internal time and resources needed to complete them. This leaves your organization vulnerable to attackers.

Why Choose CISO Global?

CISO Global maintains a deep bench of highly specialized experts who are trained, certified, and highly experienced with engineering solutions to remediate nearly any issue you may be facing. We will align the right experts to your needs, working with your team to speed up your projects and move the security needle. Extensive remediation experience.

Why most people can’t remediate:

  • Time & resources stretched thin
  • Lack of highly specialized expertise
  • Focused on other priority projects

The result can be report after report with the same issues, and frustration from your security leadership due to a lack of improvement.

Cybersecurity incidents and ransomware attacks can also leave your organization in need of immediate remediation support. Our full IR remediation team is available to help.

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Service Overview


The CISO Global Approach

Remediation Phases Graphic

Verify Issues

Using a penetration test report or client request, flaws or defects are verified for remediation.

Create Remediation Plan

Planning for the implementation of change is crucial to ensure remediation actions result in the intended outcome without adverse impact. This requires having a test case to proactively identify potential adverse effects and a rollback plan in case of unforeseen issues. Also critical is ensuring that changes can be performed in a systemic way to prevent unnecessary work and that no components fall through the cracks for deployment.

Implement Repairs

The planned and tested remediation efforts are conducted in ways that minimize impact to business operations. Implementation includes documenting the remediation efforts.

Monitor Results

After remediation it is crucial to monitor the impacted environments for any issues that may require enacting the rollback plan.

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