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Financial Industry Cybersecurity Services

Financial organizations are a prime target for cyberattacks that can lead to theft, ransomware, exposure of client information, and costly compliance violations.

No financial institution sets out to pay cyber attackers, yet the payouts and rates of successful attack continue to increase year-over-year.
In 2021-2022, breaches of financial intuitions cost an average of
$5.97 million, up $250K over the previous period. (IBM Security)
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Whether your financial institution is backed by FDIC, with stringent compliance requirements, or you operate as a credit union or co-op, it is essential to protect your systems from would-be attackers.
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CISO Global can help you implement simple strategies to protect your team’s credentials, catch and stop attackers who are trying to get into your systems, and meet compliance.
Last year, the most common causes of a breach were stolen and compromised credentials, and ransomware. (Banking Journal)

Industry Regulations

With financial industry security and compliance experts on-hand, CISO Global can assist with complex regulatory requirements across FDIC, FFIEC, and FINRA, offering audit preparation services, as well as assessments and remediation support to help you become and stay fully compliant.

How We Can Help

Our Financial Industry experts can help you speed up the journey to cyber resilience:

  • Create security baselines
  • Build cybersecurity and compliance roadmaps
  • Improve security by design strategies in network architecture
  • Develop or update policies and procedures
  • Test and improve existing business continuity and incident response plans
  • Execute regular penetration tests and vulnerability scans
  • Align your IT, cybersecurity, and compliance strategies to business growth goals
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CISO Global will partner with you to provide expert services in the following:

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