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Cybersecurity for Financial Institutions

Cybersecurity You Can Bank On

Think cyber attacks are a handful today? Just wait until tomorrow. Already protecting your clients’ financial data? Then put your small to mid-sized bank or credit union to a real-world test by engaging our threat-informed FDIC and FFIEC cybersecurity experts.

The CISO team called me to let me know I was getting a ransomware attack – while I was meeting with an FDIC Lead Auditor! All my data was safe, and my network was safe, all because of the level of attention we’ve gotten.

– Fred Viaud, President, Ascendia Bank

Get confident. Simplify processes. Stay focused.

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How would you handle a cyber attack? Or a natural disaster?

If you’re relying on IT systems and backups that have not undergone expert-led response plan testing, you may be setting yourself up for failure. 99% of the clients we work with find significant missing steps or data in their response plans. Don’t let yourself get stranded. Put your team, technology, and plans to the test.

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  • Go beyond traditional CPA tabletop exercises with realistic emergency scenarios and subject matter experts.
  • Find and fix hidden gaps in your incident response and/
    or disaster recovery plans.
  • Lock down your IT team or provider’s readiness for a real world attack.
  • Avoid mistakes that will cause even robust response plans to fail in your greatest time of need.
  • Validate your legal, media, PR strategy’s viability in the
    event of an attack.
  • Get a prioritized list of next steps to tighten your real-
    world response plans.
  • Protect your reputation with clients through
    preparedness for cyber attacks.
  • Gain peace of mind.

Maintain more than the minimum balance in readiness & resilience.

How secure is your bank or credit union, REALLY?

Wonder how secure your bank or credit union’s network REALLY is? What about gaps and vulnerabilities? How quickly could a hacker get into your systems? After our tests, you won’t wonder about your institution’s security score. You’ll know.

  • Simulate real world, threat-informed cyber attacks that will test your security controls
  • Align your security controls to any recent organizational, network, system, and personnel changes.
  • Get a prioritized list of your most critical vulnerabilities & attack vectors
  • Simulate a real-world attack with expert hackers to test your cyber resiliency in the real world.
  • Validate that your security controls do more than just meet compliance.
  • Learn exactly what your IT team needs to do to secure your financial institution
  • Uncover and address your financial institution’s weaknesses before attackers do.
  • Gain confidence in your defenses by simulating — and making sure you can thwart — real-world attack processes.
  • Find and fix your most critical vulnerabilities to avoid being a “sitting duck”.
  • Meet compliance requirements for pen testing with your choice of a traditional, red team , or purple team  penetration tests.
  • Never assume your IT systems are secure because someone told you they are.

What’s your cybersecurity credit score?

Are you getting ON-DEMAND IT support and EXPERT cybersecurity?

“Easy to roll out!” That’s the promise of new technology. Yet “easy” comes with breach risks even your network’s rock stars can’t avoid. The answer? Partnering with the cybersecurity and compliance experts that make “easy” fintech SAFE, too.

  • Fast-track your cybersecurity and compliance goals.
  • Offload your patch and vulnerability management and ensure a secure environment from day one.
  • Get unlimited support for — and real-time, on-demand inventory of — your network and devices and keep it all working smoothly.
  • Protect all your endpoints from malware and ransomware round-the-clock with managed detection and response that includes enterprise technologies, managed 24/7 by expert incident response professionals.
  • Save valuable time in emergencies with a built-in, zero-dollar Incident Response Retainer – forensics & response experts on call.
  • Drive best practices with strong password management and multi-factor authentication (MFA).
  • Raise your users’ security awareness with custom, simulated phishing “attacks.”
  • Fully encrypt your endpoints and easily manage their keys in ONE place.
  • Secure backups & firewall from day one.
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Capitalize on your interest in ease AND safety.

Be Proactive Before You Have an Emergency

Tabletop Exercises

War game exercises identify critical gaps and weaknesses.

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Penetration Testing

Penetration Testing

Test for vulnerabilities and make a plan for remediation.

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Secured Managed Services

Secured Managed Services

End-to-end network and device management solutions that are security focused.

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