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Vulnerability Management Program (MVP)

Patch and Vulnerability Management (MVP)

Managed Scans and Corresponding Patch Support

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Despite widespread awareness and effort, unpatched vulnerabilities are still among the leading causes for breaches.

Most organizations routinely perform internal and external vulnerability scans, meet regularly with their teams to document remediation progress, and manage reporting. So, why do most organizations find themselves going from report-to-report with the exact same vulnerabilities?

There are a number of key challenges inherent to the vulnerability management that keep IT teams from being able to fully remediate and harden their networks.

Can CISO Global manage patching for my complex or nuanced systems?

Our expertise encompasses highly technical system patching capabilities, as well as simply automating the Vulnerability.

IT teams are stretched more thinly than ever before, managing sprawling networks that have been maxed out to support flexible remote connectivity for people to work from home, and with market changes, hiring additional team members to manage growing networks may not be in the cards.

Unknown assets will go unscanned and un-remediated. It’s highly common for organizations to have vulnerabilities in places they didn’t know to look for in the first place.

Most IT teams can’t dedicate a single person to a single tool or technology. However, addressing vulnerabilities in the more nuanced, complex systems on your network–like 3rd party software or firewalls, requires specialized knowledge.

Utilizing the multiple tools, scanners, and disparate reporting that are required to cover all of your environment means your teams will spend hours every month sorting through all of the data and transferring it to updated spreadsheets–which means less time dedicated to remediation.

Takes time to organize for each group of stakeholders and requires providing explanations for data that may skew results (such as false positives).

Benefits of Using MVP

  • Single portal supports aggregated reporting from as many scanning tools as your organization needs. (No more messy spreadsheets.)
  • Vulnerabilities and assets are ranked and prioritized by combined criticality, letting you know exactly what needs to be addressed first. 
  • Real-time progress reports can be tailored to various groups of stakeholders, including board members, technologists, auditors, and so on. 
  • Ongoing scans identify hidden assets on your network and let you know when assets can be removed from scans, because they are no longer relevant. 
  • Accuracy of data means you can deal with issues like false positives with the click of a button, maintaining the integrity of your reporting and avoiding detractors from your overall risk score. If you must leave a particular vulnerability un-remediated for some reason (such as a business need to use old software versions), you can store documentation for which compensating controls you have in place to mitigate that risk. This allows auditors to see what steps you have taken in the place of patching.
  • Built in access to specialized knowledge/expertise: CISO experts specialize in remediation for the nuanced technologies in your environment, so your team can lean on us and receive step-by-step guidance for the more challenging remediation tasks needed to keep you secure.

Get Real-Time Visibility Into MVP Services in Our Security Program Management Platform

  • Snapshot of real-time insight into your CISO services, all in one place
  • Metrics & color coding allow you to know right away when there’s an issue
  • Click any metric for more details
  • Visibility into vulnerability management
  • Keep track of prioritized asset patching & risk scores
  • Map vulnerability management to compliance standards
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