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Extended Detection & Response

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Imagine a security system that sees everything, responds instantly, and simplifies your life. That’s CISO Global’s XDR: Extended Detection and Response. It’s like the visibility of SIEM (Security Information and Event Management) combined with MDR (Managed Detection and Response), plus automation, AI, and more — all viewed through the lens of Argo, our proprietary security management dashboard.

XDR bridges this gap by leveraging automation and expert oversight to deliver effective security monitoring and response 24/7/365 at a reasonable cost. It maximizes existing security investments and supports internal security teams, bringing the desired level of security closer to reality.

Building a robust in-house solution requires a highly skilled security team and expensive software, often making it cost-prohibitive. This leaves organizations vulnerable, especially during off-hours when attackers are most active.

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See Everything in One Place

No more switching between different security tools. Using Argo Security Management, XDR gives you a single view of all your security alerts, so you can spot threats faster.

Stop Attacks in Their Tracks

XDR uses AI and machine learning to detect and block threats before they can do any damage.

Respond Faster

XDR automates routine tasks and prioritizes alerts, so your security team can focus on what matters most.

Simplify Security Management

XDR leverages Argo to eliminate vendor silos and data overload, making security easier to manage.

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Gain Total Threat VisibilitySimplify Your Security with XDR

Benefits of XDR

Prevent Alert Overload: No more drowning in alerts! XDR gathers information from all your security tools and uses Argo Security Management condense it into a single, clear picture.

Reduce Blind Spots: XDR pulls alerts from everywhere in your environment for faster response.

Speed Up Your Security Processes: XDR includes features like SIEM and 24/7/365 security monitoring, so you can streamline your security operations.

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XDR Key Components

Additional Features

Security Event Correlation and Analysis: We connect the dots between different security events to identify complex attacks.

Custom Playbooks: We automate common tasks to speed up our response to threats.

Automated Endpoint Remediation: We can automatically stop malicious activity on your devices.

Behavioral Analysis: We detect suspicious changes in user behavior to identify potential threats.

Asset Discovery: We know when new devices connect to your network, so we can identify potential risks.

Intrusion Detection: We detect malicious activity and indicators of compromise (IOCs) to keep your network safe.

Active Threat Hunting: We proactively search for threats in your environment, not just react to them.

How XDR Protects You

Microsoft 365, Active Directory, Firewall, and More 
We monitor your critical systems for suspicious activity and take action if needed.

Security Monitoring 24/7/365 
We’re always on watch, so you can rest easy knowing your network is protected.

Cloud Security 
We keep an eye on your cloud accounts to prevent unauthorized access.

Dark Web Monitoring 
We monitor the dark web for signs that your company’s information has been compromised.

DNS Monitoring 
We prevent phishing attacks by detecting spoofed websites.

Stop wasting time and money on complex security tools. XDR gives you everything you need in one place, so you can focus on what matters most: running your business.

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