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Cyber Defense Operations

Around-the-Clock Enterprise-Level Defense

All global Cyber Defense Operations are delivered from our own in-country, state of the art 24/7/365 Security Operations Centers (SOC).

Continuous security monitoring, ongoing patch and vulnerability management, and breach response capabilities are part of every solid security program. CISO Global offers complete capabilities to support your needs.

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Cyber Defense Solutions from our U.S.-based SOC

Our U.S.-based SOC is staffed with expert cybersecurity analysts who proactively monitor and analyze our clients’ environments for any security issues, concerns, or breaches. With CISO Global’s XDR, MDR, SIEM, Breach Response, and Patch and Vulnerability expertise together with our SOCaaS offering, we ensure that you have a unified solution of cyber resiliency.  We also help in mitigating damage from any breaches and help you to effectively recover from malicious incidents and prevent them from happening in the future.

Digital Forensics, IR, and Recovery

Incident Response

When you’ve experienced a cybersecurity incident, every second counts.

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Managed Detection & Response

Stops attacks in your endpoints, before they can ever reach the network to wreak havoc.

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Patch and Vulnerability Management

Vulnerability Management Program Card

Real-time managed scans in a single portal and corresponding patch support.

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Security Information Event Management (SIEM) Card

Available 24/7, CISO Global SOC delivers the monitoring and response services you need in today’s security landscape.

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Security Operations Center as a Service

Your tools, our SOC. Custom playbooks and 24/7/365 analyst coverage.

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Extended Detection & Response

SIEM-like visibility combined with MDR-Caliber response, AI, automation, and more.

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Enterprise-level Coverage

When it comes to Cyber Defense Operations, you need results. Out-of-the box solutions that cut corners on remediation support or those unable to be customized to meet your business needs will not suffice. At CISO Global, we deliver around-the-clock enterprise-level solutions designed by highly trained and certified experts. We offer a far more accessible and effective solution.

Cyber Defense Key Highlights

  • CISO Global’s SOC operates 24/7/365, every day of the year, including holidays. Because most attacks happen outside of office hours, our 24×7 monitoring for malicious activity and catching and remediating attacks can mitigate any damage.  
  • CISO Global’s SOC analysts work hand-in-hand with our Incident Response Team to ensure that investigations begin immediately and are collaborative with our experts who already know your network. 
  • All our Security Operations are US-based.   
  • Only CISO Global’s Certified Security Analysts will touch your network. 
  • We will never send you to a call center. 
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