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Business Continuity – Disaster Recovery Plans

It’s time to blow the dust off your Disaster Recovery Plan

Have you been putting off your DR Plan updates? Let us help.

An outage is something none of us wants to deal with, but it’s a risk of doing business in the modern world.

The question is not whether or not you will ever have an outage, but how much downtime you can afford before you can no longer recover. When you consider that the average cost of downtime is $5,600/minute, you can see how valuable it is to update and test your DR Plan annually. A gap in your plan that slows down recovery by an hour or a day could put you in a situation that is beyond recovery.

Review or Create a New Business Continuity Plan

Our Risk Advisory Team will either review your existing DR Plan with you to identify areas for improvement – or help you create one. Examples of gaps could include out of date call lists, out of service technologies, steps that depend on resources which may not be available in a state of emergency, or a simple lack of detail and instruction.

Additionally, CISO Global provides Tabletop Exercises to walk your team through a live, simulated emergency and test how well your team implements the plan. This is an excellent way to not only train your team on their role in the event of an emergency, but identify any areas that could be more efficient. The most effective way to ensure your plan is airtight is to perform both a plan review and a Tabletop Exercise.

Gaps in Plans Can Develop Over Time

As months pass, people, processes, and technologies change. So should your DR Plan. Unfortunately, it is entirely possible to invest a tremendous amount of time only to have your plan lose relevance simply because years have passed since the last time you updated it. For example, if one or more of the people in your call tree have changed their contact information since you wrote your plan, essential members of your team could be out of the loop. Or, if you failed to include step-by-step instructions and a different team member has to step in due to the circumstances of your outage, this step in your plan could fail. CISO Global will help you identify and remediate potential points of failure, as well as incorporate redundancies.

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