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Cyber Incident Response Services

When you’ve experienced a cybersecurity incident, every second counts.

Incident Response

Digital Forensics, Response, & Recovery

Responding to a security incident requires experts who know how to identify and mitigate an immediate threat, invetigate underlying vulnerabilities that led to the threat, address any regulatory compliance implications, and restore order right away. With its own, fully-staffed, 24x7x365 Security Operations Center, CISO Global has the highly trained security analysts, advanced tool sets, security clearance levels, and years of expertise to provide a fully coordinated Incident Response team to restore order during what can feel like a chaotic event for any organization.

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  • Contain the breach
  • Prevent further exfiltration of data
  • Make sure attackers are out of your systems
  • Preserve any digital forensics evidence to assist with investigation

Remember, this is a potential crime scene. Don’t touch anything.

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When your systems have been secured, CISO Global’s experts will give you options on how you can restore your environment to working order as efficiently as possible. Our CISO Global IT Teams will be available to work as an extension of your existing team to help restore and rebuild any affected systems needing additional remediation, enabling you to keep your business running and minimize any downtime your operations may have experienced from the attack. You may have a full internal IT team, in which case we can explain next steps and support you with insight as needed. If you need to supplement your team, however, CISO Global maintains a deep bench of specialists who can assist with everything from Microsoft configurations, to firewalls, to cloud deployments, to custom engineered solutions, and everything in-between.

Our experts will immediately work to understand your situation and infrastructure, what assets need immediate protection, and how your incident has come to light. For all known threats, we will help you stop the attack and secure affected systems right away. At the same time, CISO Global security professionals will deploy short-term, 24/7/365 monitoring tools to watch your network and endpoints, giving our round-the-clock security analysts the ability to immediately intervene and respond to any additional areas of your systems to which the attack may have spread. From there, forensics can be performed to determine the origin and cause, helping you isolate what vulnerabilities may have been exploited and all traceable information about who, what, when, where, and how the incident has occurred.

One of the most important steps post-incident is to examine your systems and organizational approach to security for ways to prevent the same thing–or worse– from happening in the future. CISO Global supports your efforts with end-to-end services to maximize the efficiency of your internal IT teams. Our Vulnerability Management Program proactively identifies and remediates vulnerabilities in your systems before they become an avenue for attack, with automated scans backed by expert security analysts, unified threat feeds, and ongoing security consultation to help you prioritize and plan remediation efforts. For threats at the endpoint level, CISO Global offers Managed Detection and Response (MDR), also backed by the security experts in our 24/7/365 Security Operations Center. CISO Global’s IT specialists and engineers are also available to help you patch, manage, air gap, configure, deploy, or harden whatever parts of your environment need additional support. Finally, our Security Consultants are here to help you improve, maintain, test, and validate your overall security posture, growing a program that will support and protect your business goals.

CISO Global bench includes experts across disciplines. Whether you need help complying with breach notification laws, someone to work hand-in-hand with inside and outside counsel, keeping them informed of progress throughout and after the Incident Response engagement, or an objective security expert who knows how to navigate the nuances of working with your cybersecurity insurance provider, CISO Global has you covered. Our internal experts and extensive network of partners will help you address corporate issues that may arise in the event of a security incident.

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CISO Global Breach Response and Digital Forensic Services can help you address a breach NOW.

  • Investigate, Contain, & Recover
  • Identify Impacted Systems
  • Analyze & Mitigate Threats
  • Assess Damage
  • Assist with Regulatory Compliance Requirements
  • Deploy Emergency Monitoring Services to ensure threat is not ongoing
  • Prevent Incident Recurrence
  • IT Restoration Services (On-site and Remote)
  • Deep and Dark Web Monitoring

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Start Protecting Your Business’s Data

Whether you are ready to be proactive, with a Security Incident Response Plan, need immediate remediation support to stop an attack now, or want to initiate a forensics investigation into a past event, CISO Global is your IR partner. Organizations of every size and in nearly every industry rely on CISO Global to protect their sensitive data in an emergency, including regulated industries such as Health Tech, Payment Tech, Health Care, Financial Services, and more. CISO Global is ready to deploy immediately in your time of need.

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