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NIST SP 800-171 Gap Analysis 

CISO Global’s NIST SP 800-171 gap analysis is an in-depth review of your organization’s cybersecurity landscape that can help determine if you are ready to obtain CMMC. All DoD contractors will be required to do so by 2026.

Using NIST SP 800-171 to Prepare for CMMC 2.0

Level 1 includes 17 basic security requirements for a minimum level of data protection of FCI. Although only a self-assessment is necessary, CISO Global can assist you with evaluating Level 1 compliance via a gap analysis and provide a roadmap to address any needed remediations.

Level 2 of the CMMC 2.0 includes all the 110 requirements from NIST 800-171, verbatim. So a gap analysis is a great starting point to determine if your organization meets these 110 required practices.

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The NIST SP 800-171 gap analysis will help you: 

  • Get used to the process of undergoing an independent assessment and understanding requirements, assisting with future CMMC assessments
  • Obtain an objective assessment to determine whether your organization has addressed the requirements necessary to obtain CMMC and understands any gaps 
  • Gain assurance at both a system and enterprise level that you are exercising due diligence to protect sensitive data
  • Develop a roadmap to make sure you are appropriately documenting and following all CMMC level requirements, policies, and procedures
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How CISO Global performs the gap analysis:

  • Collect, review, and analyze your existing documentation to ensure it meets 800-171 requirements
  • Use the Examine, Interview, and Test assessment procedures documented in NIST SP 800-171A: Assessing Security Requirements for Controlled Unclassified Information 
  • Provide a gap analysis report that describes how we evaluated each requirement, provides our determination of implementation status, details any deficiencies we found, and recommends remediations 
  • Conduct a post gap analysis wrap-up to present our findings and ensure your organization understands them and agrees on our recommended remediations
  • Assist with developing a Plan of Actions and Milestones (POA&M), including achievable goals and milestones toward 800-171 compliance and preparing for CMMC certification
  • Provide hands-on remediation as needed

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