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Vendor Management

Managing Third Party Risk

Prospective clients, partners, would-be investors, and compliance frameworks often require validation not just of your organization’s security posture, but evidence that you have vetted and are managing your vendors’ cybersecurity posture.

Prospective clients, partners, would-be investors, want to ensure that you are not vulnerable to a supply chain attack, and that you are mitigating this risk with best practices around vendor management. However, walking each of your vendors through an assessment, obtaining necessary documentation from them, plotting them on a risk matrix, and organizing this information into a central location can be time consuming. For this reason, many organizations find themselves putting vendor management off, which results in struggle and panic when someone requests this information from them. Almost always, there is a business deal on the line whose outcome depends on proper vendor documentation.

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When you work with CISO Global for Vendor Management, we will manage your 3rd party vendor program on your behalf.

Our Experts Will:

  • Gather and review security documentation for your 3rd party vendors
  • Organize this information into an easy-to-understand vendor risk matrix
  • Give you the ability to report on vendor management and security posture to your board, clients, partners, investors, and more.
  • Empower you with all the information you need to make the best decisions around 3rd party vendors
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If you ARE a 3rd party vendor, and prospective clients want you to fill out lengthy questionnaires about your internal security posture, CISO Global can absolutely help you with this process. Our experts are familiar with these processes and know what evidence evaluators are looking for, as well as the best way to help you address questions in relation to the security controls you have in-place.

Often, prospective partners or clients want to talk with someone from your cybersecurity team about what you are doing currently to protect your environment and, thus, your partners or clients, from attack. When our experts are acting as an extension of your team through managed compliance services, CISO Global consultants can speak from first-hand experience with your prospects as needed to assure them of your program maturity.

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