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California state’s gun control websites expose personal data

June 30, 2022

Tim Marley, VP for Audit, Risk and Compliance at Cerberus Sentinel, comments on California state website exposing personal data at The Register, SC Media, and The Associated Press.

California state website exposing personal data - Comment at The Register

“The failure to keep stakeholders’ sensitive data confidential is coming with greater consequences for organizations in the United States.”

“At the end of the day, we shouldn’t need legislation to force us to examine the sensitive data in our possession and verify that we protect it at every stage of the data lifecycle. We are the custodians of this data and owe it to our customers, clients, partners, and residents to verify that we always manage this information securely.”

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California-Gun Owners-Personal Information

“Given the sensitive nature of the data exposed and potential impact to those directly involved, I would expect a response in much less than 24 hours from notification to action,”

The design of public websites “should always be done with an effort to design security into the process. Developers also need to properly test their systems before launching any new code or modifying existing code. Yet often organizations rush changes because they are focused on making it work over making it work securely.”

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