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Wall Street Analyst Models $5.00 Price Target for CISO Global, 2531% Higher Than Current Share Price ($CISO)

Published: August 15, 2023 at 06:09 am

CISO Global (NasdaqCM: CISO) is catching investors’ attention, and deservedly so. They announced last Tuesday that an independent appraisal of its AI-Powered Security Solution, Argo Edge, valued it at $49 million, an amount that dwarfs its current market cap by $17 million. Further attention was brought to CISO Global following an analyst report from leading Wall Street firm Cantor Fitzgerald, which modeled for CISO shares to reach $5.00. While that report was initially published in December 2022, the points made are still relevant.

Specifically, revenue growth with lowering COGS remains intact. That was evidenced last week after CISO announced earnings, showing Q2 revenues scoring $15.52 million, an over 13% increase from the $13.7 posted in Q1/2023. Those revenues indicate several things, but the biggest is that CISO is not your typical penny stock. In fact, at roughly $0.17 a share and on a run-rate to score 2023 revenues over $50 million, CISO stock presents a compelling value proposition.

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Keep in mind that CISO has brought to market cybersecurity products that can be game-changers for the cyber defense sector, providing an alternative to patchwork products and band-aid platforms that often become vulnerable to cyber-attacks months after being installed. CISO products mitigate that threat by utilizing AI for continuous learning. Moreover, by instilling cybersecurity as a culture in its clients, CISO clients benefit from an almost impenetrable fortress to protect their assets. In fact, while no product or platform can be 100% effective, it’s fair to appraise CISO’s products as being the most comprehensive to facilitate reaching that goal..”

Digital Revolution Attracts Criminal Opportunists

Importantly, CISO is timely to the enormous opportunity…. Cybersecurity was once a word people heard but seldom reacted to. While that disregard may have been acceptable several years ago, it’s not anymore. The sophistication of cybercrime, which attacks individuals, small businesses, and billion-dollar companies, is no longer taken lightly. In fact, creating a firewall against cybercrime is a top-line agenda item for smart companies, understanding that being proactive to defend is a much easier process to implement than reacting to a successful system infection.

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