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NERC CIP Compliance

Smart grid advancements and high-profile attacks in recent years have led to increased cybersecurity requirements across the energy & utility space.

  • NERC CIP Cyber Vulnerability Assessments
  • NERC CIP GAP Analysis
  • SCADA Expertise


Federal Regulations and Gap Analysis

Federal regulations and guidance surrounding critical infrastructure have brought security to the forefront in the energy/utility space. Additionally, smart grid initiatives and network convergence increased risk and exposure to technologies and processes that were once considered secure due to isolation.

Our NERC CIP Gap Analysis and Risk Assessment will look at your security holistically to identify and evaluate the security controls protecting your electronic security perimeter (ESP) and cyber assets, assess their effectiveness against industry standards, inform you of your current risk, and give you customized priorities for moving toward an improved security posture. We also perform NERC CIP Cyber Vulnerability Assessments to satisfy CIP-005 R4 and CIP-007 R8.

Our assessments will get you on track to meet your compliance requirements while opening your eyes to existing security weaknesses. Once completed, you will have a clear plan of action toward achieving an optimal security posture and protecting your power grid from attack.

CISO Global has worked extensively with providers across the country, performing risk assessments, providing security consulting services, and managing their IT infrastructure, and ensuring adherence to NERC requirements. Our consultants have experience working with a variety of SCADA software packages and hardware systems, and we have helped many electric cooperatives improve power grid security and adhere to NERC CIP regulatory requirements to safeguard electrical systems.

CISO Global has long contributed to the cybersecurity community’s knowledge around SCADA Networks through educational conferences, published articles, and in university partnerships. Reaching as far back as our publication of an alternative to performing penetration testing of SCADA environments in order to help mitigate smart grid risks, “Securing SCADA Networks,” published in the ISSA Journal in 2011, we have maintained a deep bench of experts, auditors, and thought leaders.

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