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US Federal Cybersecurity and
Biometrics-Based Services

CISO Global provides the federal government and its prime contractors and subcontractors with trusted advisors and subject matter experts in the areas of CMMC, risk assessment and management, network security monitoring biometrics, AWS architecture, software engineering, and systems integration, and security program development.

The future of federal is two-fold: ensuring cybersecurity and the use of biometrics to protect and secure the most vital data and information of our country.

Federal Cybersecurity Service Highlights

  • CISO Global is a certified CMMC-AB Licensed Training Provider 
  • AWS Validated Public Sector Partner
  • More than a decade of work with DHS/TSA
  • IEEE® Certified Biometrics Professionals
  • FedRAMP-accredited third-party assessment organization (3PAO) 
  • Holds a GSA MAS contract (GS-35F-399DA) 
  • NIST experts
  • FARS and DFARS compliance


for DoD Contractors

Time is of the essence with your CMMC 2.0  –  all DoD contractors must be compliant by 2026. Partner with us to make sure you are ready.

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Featured Products

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The First FedRAMP-Authorized GRC

Our TalaTek* intelligent Governance and Risk Integrated Solution (TiGRIS) is a cloud-based platform that is the First FedRAMP-authorized managed software as a service (SaaS). TiGRIS provides efficient and highly scalable services ensuring high quality, consistent, and repeatable delivery for a holistic risk management approach. TiGRIS offers visibility into organizations’ risk postures across common, system-specific, and hybrid controls, managing continuous monitoring within both on-premises and cloud-based environments. 

* TalaTek is a wholly-owned subsidiary of CISO Global.

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Biometrix™ is a software suite consisting of embedded, enterprise, mobile, and cloud middleware. It simplifies biometric enrollment, identification, and verification with one straightforward API and mitigates the operational, cost, and security risks related to biometric systems integration. It can be deployed on premise, in a public or private cloud, or as SaaS.  Biometrix™ is a powerful pre-integrated solution meeting the needs of healthcare, finance, military, law enforcement, and government agencies.

Federal Contracting Cybersecurity Needs

Federal environments and those of prime and subcontractors are highly complex and nuanced, spanning technology and network access. CISO Global’s experience in the federal sector has given us the specialized knowledge to support you where and when you need it. Check out some of our services:

Protect operational uptime

Prevent disruptions due to cyber-attacks, weather events, or other crises with around-the-clock monitoring and threat hunting for your endpoints and network. Disaster recovery, remediation, and rollback capabilities mean your assets stay secure, reliable, and available when you need them.

Overcome resource constraints

Alerts are only helpful when someone sees and responds to them. CISO Global actively hunts threats in your environment around-the-clock, monitoring, validating and remediating. So, if you do hear from us you know it’s critical. CISO Global’s Security Operations Center utilizes AI, machine learning, and orchestration & automation processes to increase the speed and efficiency of our human analysts across SentrySIEM, SentryMDR, SentryXDR, and Incident Response services. You’ll receive prioritized alerts and fast, accurate responses to security incidents to catch and stop attacks.

Identify and solve network inefficiencies

Validate what is working well and identify areas for improved operational network efficiency to ensure your complex environment is both reliable and fast when you need it most.

Give remote employees secure connectivity

Leverage cloud solutions to enable flexibility and secure system configuration control on remote endpoints, no matter where your employees are.

Ransomware Prevention 
for Federal Contractors

Protect uptime, availability,
contract data and PII.

Ransomware attacks can shut down operations and even cause you to have to rebuild your entire environment.

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