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CISO Training Programs

Our training helps increase the effectiveness of your security program by investing in your team members’ capabilities.

We offer hands-on training leveraging industry-relevant tools and proven instructional techniques to best prepare for real world threats, to help pass important cybersecurity certification exams, and to assist with compliance standards.  

Security Awareness Training

Time with an Expert

Human error is often the reason a cyberattack or data breach can occur. It’s vital to provide regular security awareness training to every employee in your organization as the cornerstone of your cybersecurity program. CISO provides security awareness training that is customized to your security posture and aligned with your security policies.

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Certification Training

Prepare for Assessments

Preparing for a cyber defense certification assessment is a challenging task. Our training courses prepare you for taking—and passing—the most important cybersecurity certificate assessments. They include detailed reviews of the knowledge requirements, in-depth Q&A sessions, and sample questions from actual exams.

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CMMC 2.0 Training

CISO is an approved CyberAB LTP. We offer CMMC Level 1 Self-Assessment Training and Certified CMMC Professional Training designed to prepare aspiring CMMC assessors for CyberAB’s Certified CMMC Professional Examination.

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