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Product FAQs

CHECKLIGHT® is a commercially available endpoint monitoring solution that leverages Artificial Intelligence (AI) and machine-learning to collect and analyze large volumes of log and event data created within an information system in near-real time. It provides threat monitoring and alerts, endpoint monitoring, event correlation, and incident response capabilities.

CHECKLIGHT® is part of a large nexus of nodes, including government and private sectors, that keep each other informed of issues and how best to respond.

Most anti-malware solutions look at malware signatures and compare these to a library of signatures that blacklist a bad executable file. These libraries are updated on a regular basis.

CHECKLIGHT® analyzes processes operating on a computer. It evaluates user behavior, leveraging Artificial Intelligence (AI), and machine learning. CHECKLIGHT® responds to aberrant behavior, operating in real-time to process machine behaviors and determine whether they are legitimate or a threat.

No CHECKLIGHT® is not a replacement for your AV solution. In fact you need to have one installed and actively protecting your computer to be eligible for the warranty protection. CHECKLIGHT® works in parallel and will not interfere with AV programs.

Yes, and they are specified in the CHECKLIGHT® Software Subscription Service Agreement (SSSA) and CHECKLIGHT®  Terms of Service documents.

Once installed, CHECKLIGHT® operates behind the scenes and does not need to be managed or maintained, though a portal does offer additional insights and information that may be useful.

Yes, CISO Global is able to assist. Contact 480-389-3444 should you require assistance.

No, CHECKLIGHT® monitors the activity taking place between your computer’s processor and the operating system (i.e., Windows 11) and looks for unusual or suspect activity based on a number of models and detection engines. CHECKLIGHT® does not look at the application layer activities you perform (web searches, word processing, emails, etc.).

Only two pieces of Personally Identifiable Information (PII) are kept – the usernames and cell numbers of system administrators. All other information stored is business related (organizational email address, organization physical address). All computers are identified only by the endpoint name set by the system administrator. All data is kept in an encrypted, password, and multi-factor authentication protected environment. CHECKLIGHT® protects the endpoint, not the individual computer users. The system is compliant with all leading cybersecurity privacy standards.

CHECKLIGHT® provides an additional layer of protection, and it is compatible with any security software stack your MSP has implemented. It is a valuable element of an in-depth defense strategy against malware (ransomware). CHECKLIGHT® comes with a $250,000 breach warranty,  so you have nothing to lose by adding it to your security stack.  

No. As a Primary Point of Contact (POC), you will receive an email and a text message as soon as CHECKLIGHT® finds something anomalous. You will also receive a weekly email and text message if all your participating computers are determined to be healthy. There is a portal that provides additional information and data on each participating computer. 

Yes. For CHECKLIGHT® to work properly the computer needs to be connected to the Internet.

The following operating systems are supported: Windows: 8.1, 10, 11; macOS: Catalina, Big Sur, Monterey, and Ventura; and LINUX Mint. 

Warranty FAQs

Yes, CHECKLIGHT® comes with a warranty benefit that goes into effect after the software subscription is purchased and installed in accordance with the Software Subscription Service Agreement.

No. Pre-existing security issues are not covered, and any security issues identified by the initial CHECKLIGHT® systems scan must be remediated by the purchaser before the warranty becomes effective.

Yes. They are specified in the CHECKLIGHT® Software Subscription Service Agreement (SSSA) and CHECKLIGHT® Terms of Service documents.

Yes. The warranty is included with CHECKLIGHT®, so partners and resellers can sell CHECKLIGHT® and highlight its unique warranty protection.

No. The warranty will not become effective until the CHECKLIGHT® software is installed and successfully passes an initial systems malware scan, which takes approximately 48 hours.

No. The warranty only applies to CHECKLIGHT®.

No. The warranty is an agreement between CISO Global and Fortegra and applies to each CHECKLIGHT® instance.

The warranty that comes with CHECKLIGHT® is NOT cyber insurance. Taking certain security precautions, including subscribing to CHECKLIGHT®, could result in better terms on cyber insurance. Check with your insurance agent, IT professional, risk manager, or attorney on the techniques required to best address cyber security for your level of exposure.

The warranty is included with the purchase of a CHECKLIGHT® subscription. There is no additional charge to the customer. The warranty is a value-added benefit for the customer.

If a customer suspects they have been breached, they need to immediately call Fortegra Warranty Claims at 888.209.4506 and tell them it is a CHECKLIGHT® claim. This will connect them with the live CHECKLIGHT® Warranty support team who will take all the details and start the warranty claim processes.

No, the breach would be considered as pre-existing and ineligible. The detection of the breach, however, will allow a CHECKLIGHT® customer the benefit of critical, time-sensitive, security information about their network and an opportunity to undertake corrective action.

If the CHECKLIGHT® software fails to identify a breach per the terms of the agreement, the warranty covers on an actual loss sustained basis many of the expenses you will incur. Each situation is different, and the warranty is designed to focus on your specific financial loss needs. For a complete list of items that are covered and excluded, we recommend you review your service agreement and warranty.

The customer must subscribe to CHECKLIGHT® and agree to the Software Subscription Service Agreement (SSSA) terms and conditions. The warranty will not become effective until the CHECKLIGHT® software is installed and successfully passes an initial systems malware scan requiring 48 hours of computer up time.

The warranty is for reimbursement of up to $250,000 of actual loss sustained by the customer as the result of a verified security breach.

All breaches which were not identified by the CHECKLIGHT® software per the terms of the agreement and result in financial loss. Please read the actual terms and conditions of the agreement for details.

The warranty is offered as part of the CHECKLIGHT® annual subscription. You must have an active subscription to quality for the warranty.

Fortegra Breach Claims

If you are an active CHECKLIGHT® customer and you think you’ve been breached, please call the Fortegra Specialty Insurance claims office to start the claims process. 

Fortegra Claims FNOL Department
10751 Deerwood Park Blvd., Suite 200
Jacksonville, FL 32256