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CISO Global Advisory Summaries

CISO Global has extensive knowledge of advisory summaries for managing and preventing future vulnerabilities to ward off potential attacks. Peruse our collection of advisory summaries.

Dolibarr ERP


Dolibarr ERP & CRM v14.0.2 suffers from a stored XSS vulnerability in the ticket creation flow that allows a low level user to achieve full permissions.

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Projeqtor version 9.3.1 suffers from a stored XSS vulnerability via SVG file upload.

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Serious security flaw in OpenSSL-based services Vulnerability

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Proofpoint Protection Server

CSS 11-01 – Multiple Vulnerabilities

The Proofpoint Enterprise ProtectionTM protects mission-critical email infrastructure from outside threats including spam, phishing, unpredictable email volumes, malware and other forms of dangerous content.

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Verifone VeriCentre

CSS 12-11 – Web Console SQL Injection Vulnerability

VeriCentre is the next-generation estate management system that significantly reduces costs, improves customer service, and provides new revenue opportunities.

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