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Annual Tabletop Exercises

Tabletop Exercises are not unlike a “war game” in that they involve simulated attacks and corresponding responses.

The best way to ensure your plans are not missing any steps, and that all stakeholders know exactly what to do, is to undertake Annual Tabletop Exercises.

When it’s time to put your emergency plans into action, the last thing you want to discover is that some part of your plan has become outdated and will no longer work. Over time, organizations phase out old technologies, add physical locations, rearrange team structures, bring on or let go of employees, etc. When you write an emergency plan, however, you depend on every part of that plan to be reliable. Further, you need new team members to know their functions before you are faced with a real-life emergency. Each asset in the plan, whether technology, human, or otherwise, must be absolutely reliable for it to work.

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Our Risk Advisory Experts Will:

  • Engage your team in an in-person, predetermined attack simulation
  • Walk through your existing plan step-by-step with all relevant stakeholders
  • Identify any gaps or points of friction that would cause delay or failure
  • Help you remediate gaps and update your plan, so it will be effective when you need it most

Benefits of Tabletop Testing with CISO:

  • Identify gaps in your plan that may have developed over time
  • Get expert input on emergency processes and procedures
  • Work with a team that has the insight and experience of having reviewed hundreds of plans across numerous industries
  • Gain confidence in knowing your organization will have a well defined plan that is up-to-date with your company’s recent people, process, and technology changes

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