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Client Questionnaire Response Support

Security Questionnaires Validating Security Posture

To address growing concern over supply chain attacks, many would-be clients, partners, and investors require organizations to fill out lengthy security questionnaires validating their security posture, as well as supply attestations of their compliance standing, before committing to a proposed business engagement.

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3rd Party Security Questionnaires Can Be Overwhelmingly Long

Not only can security questionnaires be burdensome (we see some that are scores of pages and hundreds of questions long), but answering them requires intimate knowledge of your environment and security controls. Our teams will have this information on-hand for your organization when you have engaged our Managed Compliance Services. Similar to answering auditors, organizations will be looking for very specific language to assure them of your security posture, so how you answer questionnaires can determine whether or not they are willing to engage with your organization.

Keep Business Deals Moving Forward by Speeding Up the Process

To avoid backlogs and slowed deals, many clients simply engage CISO Global as part of their sales funnel or partnership processes, passing questionnaires to our Risk Advisory team to complete on their behalf. This better ensures success for vital revenue streams and can prevent you from delaying business engagements.

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Our Teams Do This Every Day

The CISO Global team is highly experienced and efficient, as we are accustomed to performing this function on behalf of our clients.

CISO Global will prepare responses for 3rd party requestors on the state of client’s information security program. This includes supplying copies of existing SOC2 reports, or responding to 3rd party risk assessments, 3rd party questionnaires, etc.

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