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CISO Global experts go beyond training videos to educate your staff on the importance of their role in cybersecurity so they feel responsible for helping maintain company security. 

We can offer in-person training sessions, where our experts explain security concepts in situations your teams regularly face and discuss appropriate awareness responses, with opportunities to ask questions and listen to colleagues. Our experts can also provide unique learning experiences, such as our proprietary Security Awareness Escape Room, that will stick with your employees in their day-to-day security practices.

Our Experts Can:

  • Provide regulary scheduled on-site or webinar-style, interactive presentations.
  • Help you find ways to maximize engagement, including contests, game-style experiences, and internal  messaging, etc.
  • Tailor presentations to address key concepts most relevant to your teams, business context, or compliance needs.

CISO Training Stands Out Because of Our Approach

CISO trainers are highly skilled industry veterans with decades of experience not only in training but also in the cybersecurity and IT fields. And they know what it takes to educate staff at all levels to recognize and avoid the latest cyberthreats and attacks.

Our trainers employ the latest tools and use real-world scenarios to test employees’ ability to detect scammers, including phishing emails—unsolicited messages with malicious links and attachments—the more advanced social engineering efforts that even the most vigilant employees could fall for, and the signs of insider threats.

Cybersecurity is every employee’s responsibility. That’s because human error is the most common entryway into a company’s data and critical networks. Clicking on malicious links or attachments in phishing emails give hackers access to company systems; providing sensitive information to phone-calling scammers allows them access to financial resources. Not picking up on the signs of insider threats can let intellectual theft by fellow employees go undetected. But an educated workforce can combat these attacks. That’s why its vital to provide regular security awareness training to everyone in your organization, regardless of role, as the cornerstone of your cybersecurity program.

  • We design your security awareness training program to include real-life scenarios personalized to your industry and/or compliance needs.
  • We deliver awareness training materials on subjects such as social media scams and threats; handling sensitive information; recognizing insider threats; privileged user training; and remote working and safe traveling best practices.
  • We create a personalized remediation plan with steps you can take to eliminate your weaknesses.
  • We have an in-house team of remediation experts who can implement your personal plan for you.

As with any company-wide training, board/management-level buy-in is crucial. CISO Global can help you craft the message so that your board/management team understands this is part of the company’s risk management plan. Lack of employee security training can lead to costly ransomware attacks or other data breaches that can financially cripple an organization, damage its reputation, and lead to legal troubles.

It’s important to educate the C-suite about including security awareness training as part of their overall risk management program to effectively meet business needs. As C-level executives are prominent targets of phishing attacks, called whaling, they also need to take seriously their own training. An effective, ongoing company-wide training program can reduce costs, improve compliance, and boost morale by turning areas of uncertainty and anxiety into areas of strength.

All employees need to understand that they are responsible for helping maintain their company’s security. Our targeted security awareness training helps enforce this message. We offer personalized modules that focus on the specific knowledge that each level needs, from intern to CEO, to quickly recognize and report phishing attempts, insider threats, and other malicious attacks, and teach the fundamentals of effective cyber hygiene.

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Our experts maintain the most respected credentials in the industry across cybersecurity, risk and compliance, forensics, incident response, ethical hacking, security engineering, and more.