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GRC Platform Onboarding

GRC Platform Onboarding

Organize Your Security Controls into a
Management and Visibility Platform 

Let our team help you organize your security controls into a management and visibility platform that offers real-time risk scores and a full GRC tool to help you track and automate compliance.  

Once you have defined Compliance and Security goals, it can be hard to translate activities into a defined risk score over time. You need a governance, risk, and compliance (GRC) tool tailored to your program just to keep this information clean and up-to-date. But what about all those security tools you are using? How are you tracking their impact on overall risk? Shouldn’t you be able to consider all your risk and mitigating controls in one context?

GRC Platform from CISO Global

Our team can move your defined objectives, policies, and security controls into the GRC tool, mapping them to relevant compliance & security frameworks. This gives you the ability to see your entire security program in one place, enabling faster decision-making, automated compliance, and simplified reporting for boardroom ROI discussions.

This includes:

  • Executions and audits (reviews)
  • Defined risks associated with weak or missing controls, as well as newly identified threats
  • Potential projects for mitigating captured risks

GRC Platform Integration

Our security program management platform integrates with GRC tools to give you a seamless experience and view of your entire program through a single pane of glass.

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