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IT Control Validation Audit

Attackers won’t hesitate to exploit lapses in your security controls.

IT controls are put in place to improve technical security. The question you always want to answer as a cybersecurity leader is whether or not these controls are working the way you need them to.

Has their effectiveness degraded over time? Have security configurations changed since deployment? Are there any parts of your environment that may have been missed during deployment? Attackers won’t hesitate to exploit lapses in your security controls, so many compliance frameworks require you to conduct ongoing validation audits to confirm that your security strategy is being followed at the day-to-day, tactical level.

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An IT security control validation audit entails conducting a point-in-time measurement that indicates how effectively each control is deployed, configured, and performing its intended purpose. CISO Global will perform the monthly, quarterly, bi-annual and annual audits or “validations” on your behalf, maintaining and updating your documentation.

Why Documenting Validations Matters

Keeping a record of your point-in-time audit results ensures not only ongoing confidence in the controls you put in-place, but assurance for your board leadership, as well as auditors, that your security strategy is working at the tactical level. If a lapse or gap is uncovered at any point, you can utilize the next audit to demonstrate effective remediation and improvement over time. This is what stakeholders want to see, evidence that activity yields results.

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