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Vulnerability Management Program (MVP)

Mock Cybersecurity Audit

The nature of an annual compliance or security framework audit is that it is a true evaluation of how effectively you are meeting requirements. There is no wiggle room to stop the process and go address potential issues. However, many organizations believe themselves to be prepared for their assessments, only to uncover problem areas in the course of the audit, itself, when it’s too late.

Ahead of your next audit, you can engage our security consultant to perform a mock audit, giving you an accurate picture of how well you will likely perform. This helps you identify any areas that need to be shored up ahead of time. If CISO Global is also performing your audit, we will ensure you work with a consultant NOT assigned to this client relationship in order to retain independence and objectivity.

A Mock Audit By CISO Global Gives You:

  • Assessment against a single compliance or security framework
  • The ability to identify and remediate potential problems ahead of a negative audit result or failure
  • A walk-through for your team to gather and provide necessary documentation
  • A full evaluation of your organization’s current standing
  • A clear understanding of how prepared you are for your upcoming audit

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