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Chris Clements Discusses Honda Being Taken Down By Ransomware Attack

Chris Clements, VP of Solutions Architecture at Cerberus Sentinel, explains how he can tell this is a targeted ransomware attack

Chris Clements Discusses Honda Being Taken Down By Ransomware Attack Image

Snake likely culprit behind third cyberattack that put brakes on Honda operations

June 10, 2020

Snake was fingered after “samples of malware that check for an internal system name and public IP addresses related to Honda…surfaced publicly on the internet…”

“The malware exits immediately if associations with Honda are not detected” which “strongly implies that this was a targeted attack rather than a case of cybercriminals spraying out ransomware indiscriminately”. “More concerning is that the SNAKE ransomware team has historically attempted to exfiltrate sensitive information before encrypting their victim’s computers,” which along “with the targeted nature of the malware’s ‘pre-checks’ indicates that the attackers likely had access to Honda’s internal systems for some time before launching the ransomware’s encryption functions.” – Chris Clements

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