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Protecting Intellectual Property

When a screenplay, original score, or confidential communication is leaked, not only does this ruin outcomes for countless fans, but also film makers’ intellectual property– which is either devalued, or lost all together, along with months or years that went into developing it.

Wide Network in Film Supply Chain

While final content can be stored in the highly secured networks of major film companies, most producers rely heavily on countless 3rd party providers to assist in the creation and refinement process. Such providers could be agents who secure talent, independent cinematographers working from a small town in the Midwest, or independent animators who are developing particular scenes within a feature film. With so many providers, it can be hard to establish consistent, secure storage practices and lines of communication from vendor-to-vendor, in order to protect all of the individual contributions to the making of a feature film. Further, vendors are likely to change from project to project, making standardization even more difficult.

Standard Cybersecurity Controls

Securing a sprawling ecosystem of 3rd party providers as part of a much larger network requires a consistent means of evaluation. This standardization has been evolving in recent years, resulting in the creation of the Trusted Partner Network (TPN). Developed through the efforts of the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) and the Content Delivery and Security Association (CDSA), the joint venture offers individual 3rd-party vendors a way to validate their ability to protect proprietary content they have been hired to deliver, and to maintain privacy in all communications about high-profile figures or projects

TPN Enables Secure Business for Vendors

Undergoing an official TPN Security Assessment signals a shift in how 3rd party vendors in the film industry not only identify potential vulnerabilities, but also demonstrate their remediation efforts through a formal assessment. Vendors’ official TPN Security Assessment reports are then stored in a central database to serve as validation of their strong security posture and readiness for hire. These reports are accessible to all MPAA members as part of the TPN program.

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