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CISO Global HIPAA Compliance

Compliance with the HIPAA Security Rule is central to securing electronic protected health information (ePHI). ePHI that is created, received, maintained or transmitted by a Covered Entity or Business Associate must be protected to prevent anticipated threats and hazards and impermissible uses and disclosures.

If your business fails to adhere to the HIPAA Security Rule and faces an ePHI-related security breach as a result, you can be subject to significant regulatory fines, litigation, breach notification costs, unfavorable media attention and a damaged reputation.

We can perform a HIPAA Risk Analysis to support the HIPAA and Meaningful Use requirements and evaluate your existing protection of ePHI. Using the HIPAA Security Rule as a baseline, our assessment will identify your current security controls, assess their effectiveness, inform you of your current risk, and establish a prioritized action plan for moving into compliance.

When it comes to managing your HIPAA compliance program, you need support from experts who have years of experience working with the OCR and who can help you pull all the pieces of your program together. Operational silos in IT, cybersecurity, and compliance can keep you from identifying areas where you can meet multiple compliance requirements at once, for example, making better use of the tools you already have before purchasing new ones. Further, most organizations under HIPAA compliance are also under requirements for other frameworks, and working with someone who can help map your security controls to complex requirements is essential for your team’s success and efficiency. While there are certainly highly technical solutions you could buy to help you map your programs, working with an expert partner who can offer monthly guidance in building out and streamlining your program is where you will find the fastest progress, in addition to the time and cost savings benefits. Identifying and retaining a full-time, highly trained Risk Advisory veteran can not only be time consuming, but cost prohibitive. The talent gap in this space is only growing year-over-year, despite global efforts to train new experts. CISO Global’s Managed GRC–which includes our security & compliance platform, could be the support you need to take valuable steps in your program.

CISO Global provides a full suite of HIPAA services to help you become compliant and maintain compliance.

HIPAA Gap Assessments

As health care providers increasingly require evidence of mature compliance programs, compliance with the HIPAA Rule is central to securing electronically protected health information. The reality, though, is that HIPAA is nonspecific and complex. CISO Global shortens that timeline to providing compliance for Health Tech through Consulting Solutions informed by rich healthcare experience and integrated with the various IT, Cybersecurity, and Compliance solutions needed to maintain compliance. Our security-first approach to HIPAA Assessments provides the insight you need to achieve the greatest security program gains while also achieving HIPAA compliance.

Working with a HIPAA compliance professional who has years of experience with the Office of Civil Rights can be the difference between a successful and unsuccessful audit. The fact is, most organizations believe themselves to be and will tell you they are HIPAA compliant, but when the OCR takes a deeper dive, there is almost always one area or another that doesn’t quite meet the requirements in full. Working with a team who does not have a specialized background in dealing with OCR audits will hamstring you if and when your organization is selected for that audit. CISO Global has years of experience supporting hospitals, health systems, medical practices, radiology laboratories, testing facilities, healthcare related application vendors, and healthcare device and technology providers with the OCR. Our teams know how to not only make sure you are fully meeting compliance requirements ahead of time, but also work alongside your teams to talk with your OCR auditor. This professional-to-professional objective communication often helps to ensure you are answering questions and communicating in terms that will help the OCR get the information they are looking for at each step, and can sometimes be the difference between passing or failing.

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When you are at a point of maturity in your program where you understand that security is not a problem to solve once with a new technology, but an ongoing set of evolving risks to manage, you are ready to build a cohesive security program. Some organizations begin with this mindset, embedding security into every part of their environment from day one. Others may wait until a client or partner requires security validations from them to begin building their programs. However you get there, working with a partner who can help you make the most of your existing tools, prioritize projects, assist with policy buildout, streamline documentation, and align controls to compliance requirements will speed up the process. Managed GRC, CISO Global’s Managed Cyber Compliance Program, will assist you in building a custom security roadmap that is suited to the needs, goals, and budget of your organization.

In addition to state breach notification requirements, HIPAA laws require that organizations under compliance must notify patients when you have been breached. However, fulfilling these legal obligations means you must understand whether or not an incident has occurred, the details of the incident, and what data has or has not been exposed. Leveraging a professional Incident Response (IR) team who can work alongside HIPAA experts will be invaluable in understanding not only the forensics, but how an incident affects your compliance. CISO Global not only has its own 24/7/365 Security Operations Center to deliver complete IR services, but has a deep bench of HIPAA compliance and risk advisory consultants to help you navigate these tricky waters, internally, with partners and patients, and with the OCR.

Annual penetration testing is required for most organizations who must meet HIPAA compliance. CISO Global’s Red Team is highly experienced and has the deep bench of experts needed to test any area of your environment. Whether you need to test your network, a custom application, a cloud environment, or even an IoMT (internet of medical things) device, CISO Global has the expertise you need. Further, our boardroom ready reporting will help you communicate results with various stakeholders in the way they need to understand the information. Many pen testers simply point scanners at your environment. At CISO Global, you are going to get an expert team, using the latest testing methodologies, to give you an accurate picture of how attackers view your environment, making CISO Global your one stop shop for everything you need to meet compliance.

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