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HIPAA Compliance

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CISO Global HIPAA Compliance

Compliance with the HIPAA Security Rule is central to securing electronic protected health information (ePHI). ePHI that is created, received, maintained or transmitted by a Covered Entity or Business Associate must be protected to prevent anticipated threats and hazards and impermissible uses and disclosures.

If your business fails to adhere to the HIPAA Security Rule and faces an ePHI-related security breach as a result, you can be subject to significant regulatory fines, litigation, breach notification costs, unfavorable media attention and a damaged reputation.

We can perform a HIPAA Risk Analysis to support the HIPAA and Meaningful Use requirements and evaluate your existing protection of ePHI. Using the HIPAA Security Rule as a baseline, our assessment will identify your current security controls, assess their effectiveness, inform you of your current risk, and establish a prioritized action plan for moving into compliance.




HIPAA Gap Assessment

In our HIPAA Gap Assessment, we review all pertinent HIPAA requirements and applicable security program elements in order to identify gaps in processes, actions or states. Identified gaps will be aggregated into a HIPAA Gap Analysis report. This report will outline all deficiencies that must be addressed in order to achieve and maintain regulatory compliance.

Our other HIPAA-related services include:

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