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Ransomware Prevention
for Federal, State, and Local Government

Protect uptime, availability, payment systems,
and citizen’s data.

Ransomware attacks can shut down operations, prohibit digital payment acceptance, and even cause you to have to rebuild your entire environment.

As has been proven time and again, one serious ransomware attack can shut down revenue sources and back up operations for weeks or months. State agencies and municipal governments are prime targets for attackers, who know that often, your cybersecurity solutions are localized or limited in scope to certain agencies. They also know you are on a budget and can be completely debilitated by a single, successful ransomware attack, increasing likelihood that you will meet their demands in an attempt to get data or operations back. 

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Digital Transformation is Increasing Risk

In a necessary effort to increase efficiency, most states and municipalities are moving as many functions as possible online, increasing data-driven strategies, and enabling employees to work remotely part or full-time. These are essential steps, but they can also increase the risk of a cyber-attack by increasing attack surface, weakening legacy IT-security systems, and creating massive repositories of sensitive personal data. 

CISO Global Federal, State, and Local Government Ransomware Prevention Solutions Give You the Ability to:

  • Identify strengths, gaps, and next steps in your security strategy.
  • Validate your security posture year-over-year.
  • Support workers securely, no matter where they are working.
  • Monitor endpoints around-the-clock for security threats.
  • Enable security professionals to respond in minutes (not days) when threats arise.
  • Improve your security posture in real-time, with collaborative security testing.
  • Leverage a pool of cybersecurity and compliance experts who have vast experience protecting state and local governments.
  • Protect ROI on digital transformation investments.
  • Reduce your risk of data theft.
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Security is more than a cost element within a technology department. It should be structural and cultural and should be pervasive within the organization, both vertically and horizontally.

Mike Noshay,
Chief Customer Officer 

Annual Risk Assessment

CISO Global Risk Assessments are conducted by expert security auditors who are highly skilled, certified, and experienced across a host of compliance frameworks. Our experts will identify your current security strategies, mapping them against best practices to find gaps and help you build your journey to cyber resilience. As a certified QSA, CISO Global can also review your strategies through the lens of PCI compliance, since most state and local governments accept credit card payments. CISO Global risk assessments can be mapped against NIST, or any other framework you choose.

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Comprehensive Security Monitoring

The XDR Extended Detection & Response Solution unifies prevention, detection, and response in a seamless service-technology offering that provides security across your entire environment, powered by our own 24x7x365 Security Operations Center (SOC). Our certified analysts leverage a powerful enterprise tool stack that incorporates static AI, machine learning, and custom playbook automation to speed up response processes. XDR provides prevention, detection, and full response across all major vectors, providing rapid elimination of threats with fully automated, policy-driven response, and complete visibility into your environment with full-context, real-time forensics.

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Systems That Typically Go Under the Radar

Attackers count on you to be too busy to investigate every alert, in every platform, every day. However, these alerts give context when you are experiencing broader, more layered and targeted attack, like those we have seen in the last two years. No longer are we dealing with a simple ransomware instance. You need to know when someone is navigating laterally through your environment, adding or deleting accounts, changing configurations. If you want to truly stop attacks, you need to be actively threat hunting all day, all night, 365 days per year.

XDR not only includes Next Gen Endpoint Protection, but adds SIEM-like capabilities, including:

  • Microsoft 365 Account Monitoring & Response
  • Active Directory Monitoring & Response
  • DNS & DNS Configuration Monitoring & Response
  • Firewall Security Alert Monitoring & Response

Purple Team Penetration Testing

No matter how secure we believe our environments are, attackers tend to find their way in. With CISO Global’s Purple Team Penetration Tests, our Red Team testers will work through a penetration test hand-in-hand with your Blue (internal IT) Team. That way, your internal experts don’t have to wait for the report to find and remediate vulnerabilities, which can slow down the process and cause remediation tasks to be put off for weeks that later turn into months or years. We will provide guidance and expertise along the way to ensure your Blue Team accomplishes supported remediation in real time.

Every environment has weaknesses. Just make sure you are proactive in finding (and fixing) them before attackers do.

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