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Microsoft Unearths Over 1M Outdated But Still In-Use Boa Web Servers

November 24, 2022

Sami Elhini, Biometrics Expert at Cerberus Sentinel, comments on the risks of outdated Boa servers and attack on Indian power grid at Spiceworks and The Record.

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“I am personally familiar with BOA because when I was designing a handheld device in 2017, I evaluated it and quickly deselected it. Why? Because it hadn’t been maintained for twelve years! That’s a major red flag. By virtue of the industries I have worked in, security has always been a necessity and when designing solutions is considered as important as solving the problem.”

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“One only needs to read its documentation to determine that it served one purpose: to be fast. That in and of itself cannot be the sole criteria for product selection, sadly, in so many instances it is.” 

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