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Chris Clements Discusses DNA Testing Center

Chris Clements, VP of Solutions Architecture at Cerberus Sentinel (now CISO Global), discusses DNA Diagnostics Center breach on August 6 that hackers had access from May 24 to July 28.

Chris Clements Discusses DNA Testing Center - DNA Diagnostics Center Logo

By Jonathan Greig, Staff Writer – ZDNet

November 30, 2021

It doesn’t matter what organization ‘started’ with the data; once you acquire it, it becomes your responsibility. I might be more forgiving if the data was only recently obtained by DDC, but by now, they’ve had it nearly a decade

…If you aren’t aware a given asset exists, you can’t begin to secure it properly. A second observation is an almost three-month delay between the beginning of the breach and the first detection. DDC has not revealed what triggered the realization that they had suffered a cyberattack. Still, most organizations discover a compromise has occurred only when contacted by a third party such as security researchers that have traced a stolen dataset on the dark web back to their company or when contacted by the threat actor themselves with extortion demands.”

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