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CU 2.0 Podcast Chris Clements on Hacking into Your Credit Union and Lots More

The CU 2.0 Podcast

Cyber threats are just about everywhere nowadays. That is fact and also facts are that credit unions, as a rule, strive for a high level of defense – and yet many still get hacked.
Explaining all this on the show today is Chris Clements, Vice President of Solutions Architecture at CISO Global.
The show starts with Clements revealing he spent his morning hacking into a credit union. It was pretty easy, he says.

CU 2.0 Podcast - Hacking into Your Credit Union and Lots More with Chris Clements

Of course he also did it at the request of the credit union which, in the process, found out its defenses are more porous than they wanted them to be. But paying Clements to attempt to hack in is a lot cheaper than paying off a hacker who hacks in to collect a payday holding the credit union’s data hostage.

Along the way, Clements tells what a credit union needs to do to stay safe – and running anti virus and a firewall are just the beginning.

Listen to the podcast here…