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MailChimp Data Breach Impacts DigitalOcean Customers

August 17, 2022

Michael Oglesby, Executive Vice President of Security Services & Innovation at Cerberus Sentinel, comments on the targeted cyberattack on email marketing platform MailChimp, and the importance of email security at CyberWire.

Laptop screen displaying logo of Mailchimp

“Attacks against email systems are one of the most impactful security events a company can face. We assume that protecting our passwords is what keeps our online accounts safe; however, if you forget your password, most accounts have a password reset feature that relies on your email account. Access to your email is arguably more important than knowing your password and attackers know this. Email has been around since the beginning of the Internet and sending email today seems commonplace, however email security is often overlooked leaving a large target for attackers. Companies should ensure they have robust email security controls in place and regularly review the security of their email providers.”

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