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David Jemmett Discusses EMOTET Malware

David Jemmett, CEO of Cerberus Sentinel, explains what to do to protect yourself against EMOTET malware.

Misinformation and Computer Viruses Spreading Due to Coronavirus

By Peter Suciu

February 6, 2020

The attackers social-engineering attack is spreading more and more…

The email looks legitimate but once opened, the attachment reveals a Microsoft Word document containing an Office 365 message that instructs users to enable content. Victims who comply unknowingly cause the campaign to run an obfuscated VBA macro script. This script opens PowerShell, which installs a downloader for the Emotettrojan in the background.  Emotet will send copies of itself to the victim’s contacts. Those messages may also be coronavirus related.

Businesses can protect against Emotet by implementing a spam filtering solution that incorporates a sandbox where malicious documents can be analyzed in safety to check for malicious actions. This strain of Emotet is commonly carrying the newest version of Trickbot, which uses a brand new UACbypass for Windows 10 machines called wsreset.exe.

Users who fear they are infected with Emotet should download the Emocheck utility from the Japan CERT GitHub repository.

Morever, good safety habits should also be the first line of defense.”  – David Jemmett

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